Meow Meow Meow Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – Shifu On The Left, A Friend On The Right

Everyone says that Bi Qingshen Jun wants to kill Yin Zi because he lied.

I didn’t quite believe them. Although I hated people who lied, it’s no big deal if they apologize, right? Why would they want to kill someone?

Not to mention the one that was lied to was me, and I wasn’t even angry, so why would Bi Qingshen Jun be angry?

From time to time, the firewood burning in the flames would crackle, and with each sound Yin Zi would tremble. Xiao Tian sat in silence, refusing to budge, and Wawa pretended to rest, occasionally opening her eyes to take a peek.

“How about…..Yin Zi you escape…..” Wawa quietly whispered, “If Celestial Bing Wan really went to report you, then Bi Qingshen Jun might really kill you. Although he normally treats us well, but when he’s angry…..there really will be a bloodbath. Yin Zi, you’re not a bad person so I don’t want you to die.”

“Can’t escape.” Yin Zi’s eyes closed resignedly, “The soul chasing incense on me, no matter where I hide or run to, that damned woman will always find me.”

“Plead, who knows, if you plead to him, he may even spare your life.” Xiao Tian also advised, “Though I hate you, this situation can be forgiven. You didn’t do anything bad to Miao Miao, so I’ll help testify for you.”

“I won’t plead, I haven’t done anything wrong.” Yin Zi stubbornly said.

“If you plead then it will be alright?” I quickly tugged on his clothes and cheerfully said, “Then let me help you plead, ok?”

“I don’t need it.” Yin Zi became even more angry.

Like this, everyone constantly rushed to persuade Yin Zi. He eventually could not take it anymore and wrapped himself up in a blanket.

The arrival of winter was especially fast, in the darkness of the cold fog came the sound of Haiyang’s voice, “Lord Shen Jun, it should be near here.”

“Search!” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice was somehow hoarse.

“Shifu’s here!” I really wanted to run outside and hug him while pleading, but Yin Zi grabbed onto me before I could even move.

He said, “Miao Miao…..don’t plead to him, I didn’t do anything wrong, I’ll never accept his mercy and charity.”

“Do you really want to court death?” Wawa was anxious.

Yin Zi bit his lips and refused to speak. I was caught in a dilemma, outside was the hoarse sound of Shifu getting closer and closer. Inside the cave was Yin Zi who has been with me for 300 years. What should I do? I’ve never in my life made a choice as hard as this.

“Go…..” Yin Zi finally released his hold, there was some bitterness in his words, “Sooner or later he’ll find his way in here. You’ve fallen for him… any case, if it’s not too late…..”

“It’s never too late!” I paused for a moment, and then rushed out of the cave. No matter what, I’ll definitely plead for that stupid crow to Shifu to not kill him.

Just as I exited the cave, I saw the figure of Bi Qingshen Jun. His emerald green eyes were bloodshot. His pair of lips were dry and cracked. Normally, his appearance might appear messy because the wind, but today, his appearance was just disheveled. His haggard appearance makes him appear as if he’s aged by ten years…..however, immortals don’t grow old.

“Shifu…..” There was an unspeakable aching in my heart, I stood there unable to move.

Bi Qingshen Jun stared at me. He was also shocked, and did not come any closer. He just stood, and stared at me…..

“That won’t do even if you’ve become stupid.” Mo’lin voice came from the rear, he smiled and then gave a forceful push to Bi Qingshen Jun.

The heavenly realm’s number one war god was pushed by that third rank immortal? Bi Qingshen Jun staggered a bit, but he continued to stare at me. He softly whispered, “Miao Miao?”

Why? Why has his voice become so hoarse? It was the same as the screaming that I heard in my dreams. His throat must be sore.

Why? Why has his face become so haggard? It was as if he hadn’t been sleeping for days and nights.

I no longer dared to look into his eyes, just quietly walked towards him. My eyes were eye level to his chest, I stammered, “I…..I’ve come back…..I’m sorry…..”

“Finally found you.” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice appeared to have calmed. A pair of strong arms had suddenly hugged me. His embrace was really really tight that my ribs felt as if they were on the verge of breaking. But it did not matter, this pain was nothing compared to the happiness I was feeling right now.

“Gently, gently. She’s not the enemy!” Mo’lin advised.

“Yes…..gently.” Bi Qingshen Jun repeated the phrase, however, he did not loosen his hold at all. Right now, he seems a bit like me in the past when I was so hungry that I’d rather die than letting go of my chicken.

Perhaps Miao Miao is Shifu’s roast chicken!

Off to the side, Mo’lin was shaking his head in disapproval, and Haiyang was laughing ceaselessly.

After a long time, Bi Qingshen Jun finally let go of his hold. He checked up and down for any injuries and even asked Mo’lin to take a look to see if there were any injuries hidden from sight.

Mo’lin walked around me a few times, dejectedly saying, “Two broken ribs.”

“What?” Bi Qingshen Jun shouted from surprise, “Who did this?”

“When you hugged her so forcefully just now, how can her ribs not break? Is she a rock?” Mo’lin was shaking his head.

“I…..I…..I…..” Bi Qingshen Jun’s face turned crimson, really cute.

“Just kidding.” Mo’lin pat his shoulders, and loudly laughed, “She’s fine, but if you hug her like that again next time, I’m not so sure if you’ll break something or not.”

I don’t know from when Wawa and Xiao Tian came out from the cave, and when Haiyang came from the distance, but hearing this conversation, they couldn’t help but also burst into laughter.

“You…..” Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression turned from red to black, his hand flew towards Mo’lin’s face, but it changed directions mid-air and landed on his own chest with a thump.

That was a very firm hit, perhaps there may bruising? I quickly went over to plead for Yin Zi as well as helping him rub where he hit himself in the chest.

But before I even opened my mouth, he asked first, “Where’s the white crow?”

“I’m here.” Yin Zi’s shadow slowly revealed itself from within the cave entrance. His legs were shaking, however, his expression was resolute, “If you want to kill me then do it! I definitely will not apologize! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“It was Bing Wan that told me you guys were here.” Bi Qingshen Jun gently held onto my hands and went over to Yin Zi. The atmosphere suddenly became chilling and quiet.

“I know it was her.” Yin Zi coldly said, his eyes were looking at me, full of nostalgia and sadness, “By now, I have nothing more to say, so do what you want with me.”

“Oh?” Bi Qingshen Jun softly laughed.

Seeing that the situation right now isn’t good, I silently extended my Heaven Shattering Claws, so that if Bi Qingshen Jun were to attack Yin Zi, I would give it my all to block it.

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