Meow Meow Meow Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 – Proposal

Bi Qingshen Jun slowly walked over to Yin Zi. Yin Zi tightly closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, and was dripping with cold sweat droplets. He was frightened, but refused to plead for mercy.

I became frightened as well, I rushed forward and hurriedly exclaimed, “Shifu, Yin Zi didn’t do anything wrong, don’t kill him okay?”

Bi Qingshen Jun stopped, touched my head, and then suddenly laughed, “Why would I kill him?”

“Ah?” Yin Zi immediately opened his eyes wide and stood there dumbfounded.

“Thanks,” Bi Qingshen Jun profoundly stared at him, and said softly, “You were trapped in this snow storm for several days, I’m grateful for your hard work taking care of Miao Miao these past few days.”

“What is the meaning of this…..” Yin Zi seems to have become stupid, he’s lost his proficiency in speaking, “Weren’t you going to punish me?”

I hurriedly gave Yin Zi a kick, wanting to cover his mouth, does this stupid crow like to be punished or something?

Bi Qingshen Jun sighed, he reached and pulled me back towards him, and explained to Yin Zi, “Early morning today, Bing Wan came to find me. She said that you accompanied Miao Miao down to the mortal realm to play, but because she was afraid of that stupid cat getting lost, she made use of the Soul Chasing Incense. Bing Wan had made a mistake and used Aphasic Grass instead, causing the function of Miao Miao’s collar to cease. She discovered that you guys had been trapped by the snow storm and had no way of contacting the heavenly realm. She came to report to us about your whereabouts and her mistake, pleading to not harm you before a thorough investigation.”

“So the stupid egg was actually Bing Wan, how can she even mix up the powder and grass?!” Hearing the truth, the clouds in my heart instantly cleared up. I rubbed Bi Qingshen Jun’s arm and happily said, “Yin Zi didn’t lie to me! Yay!”

“I…..I…..” Yin Zi’s eyes became red, he turned his head and whispered, “No one asked her to be so nosy.”

“Because of your friendship with Bing Wan, I won’t pursue this matter any longer.” Bi Qingshen Jun immediately left with me afterwards.

“Are you actually that stupid that you’ll believe her words?” Yin Zi started laughing like a crazy person all of a sudden, very unpleasant to the ears, as if he was crying.

“Never again, this sentence I will only say once.” Bi Qingshen Jun turned around and looked at him. His voice colder than the surrounding snow and ice.

Mo’lin hurried over to smooth things out, “Well, well, Bi Qingshen Jun don’t put on such a serious face, isn’t it a good thing that we’ve found your cute little kitty? Hurry up and put on a smile, that can be my reward for accompanying and searching with you for so many days.”

“Scram!” Bi Qingshen Jun’s reply was even faster.

“Ah~…..Oh dear god have mercy~. This so called friend is a two-faced phony!” Mo’lin’s expression was like that of a bullied child, causing everyone to giggle.

Bi Qingshen Jun simply ignored his gibberish, summoned a cloud, and prepared to leave.

“Wait!” Yin Zi who had been sitting on the ground suddenly exclaimed, “How do you plan on treating Miao Miao in the future?”

Bi Qingshen Jun halted.

“In the heavenly realm, the scandals between you and her is hot topic, everyone already knows she’s your woman. How do you intend to treat her? What about her status?” Yin Zi asked.

“Aiya~” Mo’lin smiled and spoke first, “Little Yin Zi, you really don’t understand much about this stuffy and boring guy.”

“It’s not my wish for those scandals to spread, and at the present, Miao Miao hasn’t agreed to marry me, so I can’t just casually touch her.” Bi Qingshen Jun hesitated for a moment and thought of an answer, “As for the future, when she’s able to make sensible decisions of her own, I hope she will marry me as my wife and become the mistress of Xuan Qing Palace.”

“The mistress of Xuan Qing Palace…..” Yin Zi hurriedly asked again, “Will you righteously marry her as your wife?”

“If that is her wish.” Bi Qingshen Jun said dismissively.

“But…..are you not afraid of the other gods and celestial beings making a joke out of you? Marrying your own disciple, a nameless cat demon, you really won’t mind? You won’t mind being laughed at?” Yin Zi stood up from the ground and carefully asked.

“They can laugh all they want. I don’t care.” Bi Qingshen Jun looked at him, puzzled.

“Why do other people want to laugh at Shifu?” I didn’t understand, “Shifu is very good!”

Mo’lin came over and explained to me, “Because they are jealous that Bi Qingshen Jun has a cute little kitty as his wife.”

“For real?” I doubtfully looked at Mo’lin.

“Look at the sincerity in my eyes!” Mo’lin opened his eyes wide, his face containing a wide grin, “Miao Miao, do you want to marry your Shifu? Although he’s stuffy and boring, a bit too serious, old-fashioned, and a workaholic, he’s powerful, rich, not philandering, and very responsible. Though overall he’s not as good as me, he can be considered a decent man worthy of marrying. It’d be a pity to not marry him.”

“Nonsense! Shifu is 10000 times stronger than you!” I immediately retorted, “He won’t inject needles in me and he absolutely won’t shave my fur!”

“Yes, yes, your Shifu is the best, so hurry up and marry him.” Mo’lin continued to persuade.

Bi Qingshen Jun’s face was red, he quickly denounced, “You…..don’t speak nonsense…..”

“You don’t want to marry?” Mo’lin asked in surprise, “Well then, let’s change the suitor. Miao Miao, how about you marry Ao Yun of the East Sea? There’s a lot of undersea delicacies over there.”

“Watch your words or else I’ll cut your tongue off!” Bi Qingshen Jun angrily pulled me away from Mo’lin and roared, “She doesn’t know anything!”

“I don’t want to be dragged out of my room in the middle of the night to help look for your cat again! I also don’t want to see you nitpicking and acting so foolishly sometimes! You must be quick on your feet!” Mo’lin growled back at him, and then turned his head back towards me, his face full of smiles, “Miao Miao, do you know what marriage is?”

“I do!” I quickly nodded and straightforwardly replied, “It’s when two people are together forever, living and passing their days happily together.”

“It’s almost like that, the meaning is the same, Miao Miao is quite smart.” Mo’lin praised me and then looked at Bi Qingshen Jun and said, “You don’t need me to help you with the rest, do you?”

Bi Qingshen Jun seemed to be nervous, the strength of his grip was shaky. A tingling feeling was felt as he grasped my hand, he stammered, “Miao Miao… you…..what do you think of marrying me?”

“Good!” I was very quick to agree, “Miao Miao wants to be together with Shifu.”

There was a silence all around us. Shortly after, Bi Qingshen Jun began giggling like silly, Yin Zi stood dumbfounded, and Mo’lin and Haiyang began applauding. Wawa and Xiao Tian joined in with them and cheered loudly.

“What date should we pick?” By the looks of it, Wawa seemed quite excited, “Xuan Qing Palace hasn’t had a big event happen in a long time.”

“We can deal with that after we return.” Bi Qingshen Jun answered.

With a face full of languish, Hiayang said, “Lord Shen Jun, in the following few months we will be busy. We are still searching for the remnants of that demon Yao Yang’s troops, perhaps it may not be a convenient time for a wedding?”

Mo’lin followed to point out, “You anxious ghost, at the least, we can do some preparations. We need to make sure things are run smoothly and elegantly, do you want to make it hard for Miss Miao Miao?”

Wawa added, “Master Shen Jun, we will also need some time to teach Miao Miao on the matters of marriage so that nothing will go wrong.”

Xiao Tian face was full of sorrow, but he gave me a strong smile and said, “If it’s Lord Shen Jun, I believe that Miss Miao Miao will definitely be happy…..”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Bi Qingshen Jun seemed to have forgotten how to speak and just stared at me in a daze.

“Wait a second!” Yin Zi hastily cried out, “No matter what, I…..I must see her get married with my own eyes! I want to see her get married properly and elegantly as your wife! Then would my mind be at peace!”

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