Meow Meow Meow Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 – Marriage Is Really Troublesome

Mo’lin took in and sheltered Yin Zi who had nowhere to stay and refused to live in Xuan Qing Palace. This changed my outlook on him as a person. Originally, he was just a third ranked fool, but now, he’s upgraded to a kind of decent guy.

Headservant Xiaolin wasn’t too surprised after hearing the good news. Like always, he calm and collectedly said, “With regards to the marriage, I’ve long since prepared, so Master Shen Jun please do not worry.”

Bi Qingshen Jun was confident in Xiaolin’s abilities and wholeheartedly left him to deal with it, while himself and Haiyang dealt with the unfinished raids. Everyday was very busy and he came home very late every evening. Each time the sun fell over the western horizon, I would wait for him near the pond full of water lilies by the entrance. And when he comes back, I would happily run and jump into his arms, telling him all about the fascinating things I’ve learned and seen that day.

He always smiled and listened, and from time to time he would also tell me about the interesting things that happen in the outside.

Since that day, the liveliness and jolly spirit has not disappeared. Many gods and immortals that I do not recognize have come by to give their blessings and congratulations.

To be honest, I didn’t think it was a special occasion or anything, just that a married couple must stay in one room. Isn’t it just fine if I just cuddled in Bi Qingshen Jun’s blankets? I used to do that too and I still do, could it be that we’ve already become a married couple since then?

Jin Wen expressed tears of joy and gratitude hearing the news. She was deeply touched and said that the wedding night should happen as soon as possible, and that all the guidance should be done by Bi Qingshen Jun. She instructed that on the day of, no matter what happens and no matter what Bi Qingshen Jun does, to keep still on the bed. And even better yet, to let out a shout or cry every once in a while to increase the fun.

I quickly grabbed a small book and recorded everything she had just taught me, firmly imprinting everything in my heart, ready to try it.

Wawa has also risen in rank, becoming the future Mistress of Xuan Qing Palace’s personal maid. She secretly rejoiced every single day, smiling and ordering the servants to carefully decorate the wedding room.

But this so-called room that the married couple uses, aren’t they just doing some renovations to Bi Qingshen Jun’s original room? Nothing but more beautiful decorations being added. Xiaolin recommended that another room be built for the Madam of the household, however, it was rejected. My original room had also been reclaimed, something about how a married couple must live together and not allowed to go elsewhere.

I was very satisfied with his approach. Anyways, his bed was much more comfortable than mine and I could now righteously lie and roll around his bed without being kicked out. This was the absolute best thing.

Mo’lin’s visits became more frequent as well. He always went to look for Jin Wen to go out. I’ve curiously asked several times where they were going together, and he replied while giving a few suspicious glances to Bi Qingshen Jun and said that he was just going to fix up some tonics for her.

Before I could even ask what the tonic was, he was kicked out of the doors and not allowed to come back before the wedding.

Mo’lin simply ignored him. From time to time, he would come in from one of the side entrances as if Xuan Qing Palace was his home. Since he often brought along with him Yin Zi, I didn’t get angry at him.

Yin Zi had a lot of opinions about our wedding, he continuously nitpicked and nagged Xiaolin about the grandeur and extravagance of the wedding. He also helped out with the layout and design.

Bi Qingshen Jun agreed with many of Yin Zi’s recommendations, as well as gifting him many rare treasures as dowry for him. I didn’t like any of those hard to bite treasures, but I wanted to keep a few to use as a collateral for dried fish flakes, however, that idea was mercilessly rejected.

The idea of marriage was not easy. Super troublesome, so troublesome that I’ve begun to have some regrets. Even if dowry and gifts weren’t included, various sorts of items and supplies for joyous occasions were moved in and out of Xuan Qing Palace. From clothing made from clouds to glowing necklaces to gold necklaces and beads, everything was excessively flamboyant, even the head-piece made of gold weighed over ten jins. Truly a terrifying instruments of torture.

I didn’t want to wear that instrument of torture so I requested that a flower garland was just fine. Everyone, especially Yin Zi, dismissed this idea, he scolded, “Stupid cat! You want to get married with something so simple!? You don’t even know how to choose a good guy! What is so good about that arrogant and overbearing man? Fine, get married, I guess daughters are all like that, leaving once they find a man! But that beaded crown is expensive! The rainbow coloured gems atop the crown are rare treasures! Wearing this crown on your wedding day will indicate how serious Bi Qingshen Jun’s feelings for you are! So irritating, you’re always making me worry over nothing!” After scolding, he reluctantly looked at the crown and says heartbroken, “Ah the beautiful gems…..wouldn’t it be great if it was me…..”

I immediately offered to gift him that instrument of torture, however, he angrily refused. He turned around, pulled out a handkerchief, and went on to obsessively polish the jewels on the crown. His eyes were even more possessive and persistent than mine when I’m on the brink of starvation…..

I sat in an armchair next to him, looking at the outlines of the people working their butt’s off. A question suddenly popped up in my head, “Are you not going to visit Bing Wan? I think she really likes you.”

“I’m not going.” Yin Zi’s gem polishing halted, his face suddenly becoming anxious, “I don’t want to be associated with her anymore.”

“Why?” I curiously asked.

After a moment of thought, Yin Zi responded, “Then can you live with and spend your days with Xiao Tian?”

“No! Not even a day!” I hastily replied.

“I also can not live with that woman, too difficult, too tiring, very unhappy.”

I nodded my to show that I understood.

“Also…..she does not seem to be home recently either…..” Yin Zi hesitated for a while, and seeing that I had been staring at him, he said, “Anyways…..she was the one that decided to help me, when she comes back, I’ll just give her an apology.”

In the end, Yin Zi never accomplished his task of apologizing. Bing Wan seems to have disappeared as well. Some say she’s gone to Spirit Mountain near the borders of the demonic realm and the heavenly realm in order to obtain a face changing miracle grass, but died because of a mishap. Bi Qingshen Jun sent people to search for her body, but not even a hair could be found.

That day she died, the fields that contained the most common morning glories, all withered, as if to mourn for this ordinary fairy. People suddenly discovered that there was a beauty by learning about the common and the easily ignored.

When this news arrived, Yin Zi just gave a passing glance and said that it didn’t matter. However, no matter what he says, I felt that he seems to have changed, his smiles and laughter no longer contained sincerity and naturalness. But when I asked him about this matter, he only said that the air of life and death in the heavenly realm wasn’t suitable for him. He decided that after the wedding, he would learn medicine with Mo’lin, and upon graduating, would go off into the world and make big money.

Therefore I decided to be nice to Mo’lin, not only did I stop beating him up, I’d also allow him to touch my cute little paw pads so he wouldn’t bully Yin Zi…..

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