Meow Meow Meow Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – Pushed

Xuan Qing Palace was lively and bustling, the noise has caused me to lose sleep these past few days. I almost even wanted to back out on this marriage, but was eventually coaxed back into it with a variety a seafood from Xiaolin and Jin Wen.

There was a month until the wedding, even in his spare time, Bi Qingshen Jun was busy. The servants brought him stacks of golden paper in which he wrote on. Wawa along with the other servants helped packaged and deliver them. These were said to be invitations.

Although my righteous brother Bull Devil received an invitation, he wasn’t able to come to the heavenly realms because he and Luo Sha were still in the midst of a cold war. In addition, the heavenly realm had many strict rules.

Under my pleas, Luo Luo and Jin Nan have arrived at Xuan Qing Palace. They could be considered Bi Qingshen Jun’s grand disciples, since they were my disciples and I was a disciple of his. So when the two kneeled in front of Bi Qingshen Jun to pay respects their grand master, I could clearly see Bi Qingshen Jun’s face turn pale. Wawa then curiously asked, “Your Shifu is marrying your grand master. In the future, how will you address her?”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression became even more fierce, even the clever Jian Nan could not think of an answer. Thus they were pitifully kicked out and sent to Mo’lin as a little maid and page boy by their grand master…..

Mo’lin immediately protested, “Stop sending stuff over to my place!”

Bi Qingshen Jun just smiled and said two words, “Jin Wen.”

On that subject, he no longer had any complaints or words to say. In that time, after they’ve arrived in the heavenly realm, they’ve been all smiles and laughter, not a hint of discontent could be seen on their faces.

In the midst playing and running around, the wedding date drew closer. The demon school had also reopened.

I originally thought that after marriage, I wouldn’t need to attend the school anymore, but this idea was knocked out of my head by Bi Qingshen Jun. He says that ever since I started studying my knowledge and wisdom has gone up, my reasoning sense as well! And so, besides the few days that the marriage would take up, the rest should be spent obediently studying and reading…..since in about a year, I’d be able to graduate.

I reluctantly bid farewell to Bi Qingshen Jun and returned back to the school. However, I was surrounded instantly swarmed by the students. The girls asked how I hooked up with a higher god, and asked for tips and ideas. The boys asked if Bi Qingshen Jun was taking in any disciples at the moment. Is it that hard to be near a higher god? Pillow talk was also highly requested of me to talk about.

I thought for a long time and then told the girls that sometimes I would roll around on the ground like a baby. Or how I rub his face against my fur and sometimes give him a kiss, also occasionally calling out like a cat.

In response to this, they all profusely blushed. The next day when Bi Qingshen Jun came to pick me up, a few of the girls mysteriously fell near him…..he was extremely baffled by this. I suspected that it was the fault of the servants in charge of cleaning since there were trails of stones that people could stumble on everywhere.

As for the boys, I also helped them out and asked Bi Qingshen Jun, he said, “Must have good health, not afraid of death or crying. Is able to follow commands. Martial arts don’t need to be high, but if you were killed in battle, you must start over and reincarnate. All previous gained cultivation would be lost. Please consider carefully.”

These words dispelled many of the boys’ ideas of enlisting.

On the fourth day since school started, Shao Zhong and Xiao Zi finally returned, and together as well. I almost could not recognize their appearances. It’s only been half a year since I’ve seen them, but that jerk grew taller, almost as tall as Bi Qingshen Jun. His face has changed from childish and cute to very handsome. Intimately standing next to Xiao Zi, he looks like an uncle who’s about to molest a cute and young girl.

Shui Jing has also grown up, her small and round face has become a beautiful oval shape. Her head of white hair poured down her feet. The small red jewel on her forehead makes her look a bit mysterious. Though this was true, she hasn’t changed one bit in her manner of speech, so harsh and straightforward.

The most hateful was right after seeing me, she said, “Miao Miao, congratulation on your upcoming wedding, but why has your face become so dark and menacing? It’s like something unlucky is about to happen.”

I quickly borrowed a small mirror from Jin Wen and looked at myself. Despite her words, I couldn’t find a single black and shady area on my face.

There’s a cloud of black air all around you.” Shui Jing said very seriously, “Within three months, a calamity will occur.”

Seeing that I’ve become nervous, Bai Cai put down her book and whispered into my ears, “Don’t fret, she loves to exaggerate her words. Last time she said that I had a calamity waiting for me as well, but in the end, I just lost my wallet…..”

Shui Jing unhappily said, “That’s just because you were lucky that time, do you think you’ll be able to avoid a calamity with luck every time?”

Anyways, Shui Jing Jiejie’s prophesies can only be considered two percent correct,” Xiao Zi added, “Last time, she said that I would have a lot of peaches. But all that excitement disappeared when all I received was a peach blossom vase from the peach fairy. So disappointed.”

What peaches? What kind of peaches were you expecting?” Shao Zhong hearing this commotion, grabbed Xiao Zi’s ear and joined in, “You dare to philander, I’ll…..I’ll beat your peaches up!”

Grab my ear one more time, and I’ll dump you and go look for my peaches!” Xiao Zi retaliated.

Then go look for your rotten peaches!”

I will, you’re my rotten peaches!”

The two argued as they did in the past causing me to forget all about that unpleasant prophecy. I invited all of them to attend, telling them about all the delicacies that would there on the day of the wedding.

They happily agreed, and only afterwards did Bai Cai secretly asked how much ceremonial money was required…..

Besides the wedding room, Bi Qingshen Jun brought water back from a hot spring hundreds of miles away to have a bath personally made for me. The pool was neither too deep nor too cold, it was perfect for cat.

Cats really love cleaning their fur, but once they’re in their human form, a warm bath is necessary. One could strip naked, run around, stretch, and sleep all they want, extremely comfortable. Thus when the bath had finished its construction, the first thing I did was strip and soak in the comfortable water. Afterwards, I draped on a robed and walked back into the wedding room which was right next door. I jumped on the new bed a few times, rolled around, and then comfortably fell asleep.

Jin Wen and Wawa did not stop my reckless behaviour, I don’t know why, but they just smiled and ran out the door.

Not long after, Bi Qingshen Jun shook me awake. He seemed short of breath, his heart rate accelerated as well. I thought he was going to throw me out again, so I reluctantly stood up, gave him a few pitiful glances, and then changed back into a cat. I cried out a few times to complain, and crawled to a corner of the bed so that there would be space for him to sleep.

I didn’t think this time would be any different, however, Bi Qingshen Jun angrily grabbed my tail and ordered, “Change back into your human form.”

Meow woo~?” I looked at him, puzzled, “Don’t I normally sleep as a cat?”

Things are different now.” Bi Qingshen Jun seemed to be enduring something, “Your status has already been set, I… don’t need to worry…..”

So, I simply changed back into my human, climbed over the bed and gave him a few kisses.

He swiftly and neatly pushed me onto the bed, hesitated for a moment, and then fiercely returned the kisses…..

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