Meow Meow Meow Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 – Can’t Hide, Can’t Run

Bi Qingshen Jun was very satisfied with my performance, he leaned over and continued to kiss me. This kind of behavior makes me feel like there is something wrong…..

Shifu, are you trying to eat me…..” I woefully asked these last words.

I am.” Bi Qingshen Jun’s reply was short and concise.

Why?” My heart is broken. Shifu really wants to eat me and swallow me down his stomach alive.

Because…..” Bi Qingshen Jun was stuttering, after a long pause, he made a barely audible sound, “I… you.”

Can’t you not eat?” I prayed.

No!” Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression contained a twisted pain, it seemed very agonizing, “At such a critical point, do you want to take my life?”

Are really going to die?”


I no longer said anything, my mind wandered back to the story that Teacher Wang told us at school. About how the rabbit jumped into the fire to sacrifice itself as food to save the traveler, a cat must do the same. Not to mention, he’s also the person I like and I don’t want to see him suffer nor do I want to see him hurt.

If he doesn’t eat me…..he would lose his life, then I should just let him eat. Roasted, boiled, or grilled is all okay…..

Miao Miao ah, Miao Miao, you’re just a silly cat, you’re about to be eaten. Miao Miao ah, Miao Miao is the most silly cat…..” I could’t stop my heart from singing these cat tunes. I tried my hardest to tell myself that it’s only going to be a brief moment of pain and then it will all be over. There’s nothing to be scared of. As long as I’m able to save Bi Qingshen Jun, it’s okay, but why are my hands shaking? They were even bleeding from the amount of force I clutched my hands with, why?

Bi Qingshen Jun’s movements stopped again, he frowned at my fearful expression. He let out a long breath, grasped my injured hands, and said in a sorrowful tone, “If you really do not want to or if you’re not prepared mentally for it, we can try again next time…..”

Wait!” Bi Qingshen Jun seems to have discovered something. He grabbed me in one swift motion, and hurriedly asked, “How do you think I was going to eat you?”

Don’t fry me in oil…..” I said in distress.

Why would I fry you in oil?” Bi Qingshen Jun’s face became black, “You thought I was going swallow you down my stomach?”

Then is there any other way you can eat?” I was surprised.

I…..I…..” Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly bent over, lied down on the bed and started laughing. His laughter was very carefree and happy, he rubbed his belly and said, “Haha… You really are a stupid cat…..”

Stop laughing,” Seeing that he was laughing at me, I grumbled and went over to rub him a few times, “Then how do you want to eat?”

Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly stopped laughing, turned his head and asked in confusion, “If I had really wanted to swallow you whole, then are you not going to resist? Are you willing to be eaten by me?”

You said that you would die if you didn’t eat…..” I said softly.

Stupid cat,” Bi Qingshen Jun cursed, while knocking my head. He angrily said, “No matter who it is, if they want to kill you, then you have to run! Don’t let yourself be killed!”

But…..what if that person was you?” I hurriedly replied.

Bi Qingshen Jun became silent. He thought for a long time before saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you placed such emphasis on me in your heart. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed.”

It’s nothing.” I magnanimously forgave him.

I’m sorry, I should first explain to you what to eat is.” Bi Qingshen Jun reassured.

I immediately stared at him with wide eyes in curiosity, hoping to get an answer.

Bi Qingshen Jun very seriously told me that to eat in relations to a husband and wife means to be together in bed naked and make love to each other. After that, people will have babies…..contrary to what I thought, marrying isn’t just sleeping together.

So this is how Miao Miao can give birth to little kittens that Shifu likes.” Hearing this, I was reminded of Ningxin and her child, thus I said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I like little kittens too.”

That…..because we have already cultivated human forms, the children that we give birth to will also be born as a human baby…..” Bi Qingshen Jun quickly explained, “Although they may have characteristics of cats or snakes, the child is neither cat or snake.”

Hearing these words, I was filled with disappointment. Bi Qingshen Jun kept reassuring me that even if our future child was born a human baby, it would still be cute and lovable. Along with that, because of the reproductive nature of demons, the baby would take the characteristics of the mother over the father, so there is a large possibility that our child would be born with cat ears and/or a tail.

After clearing all misunderstandings and questions, the two of us continued our love making session. It really is unfair how he was the only one that got to remove my clothing, so to counterattack, I started stripped him naked and took a bite out of him as payback.

Bi Qingshen Jun seemed to like to take my clothes off, but doesn’t like it when I take his own off. With our hands on each other, we began an undressing war, and while we were playing this fun game, a familiar voice came from outside the door, “Bi Qing my friend, I’ve come to play chess with you!”

Xiaolin’s urgent cries finally arrived, “Master Shen Jun is busy with work, Immortal Mo’lin please wait a while.”

Mo’lin casually replied, “What is working and not working? Isn’t that guy working all day every day? If I don’t drag him out to play, sooner or later he’ll turn into a rock and suffocate to death.”

Ah Immortal Mo’lin, your shouldn’t rush into the room, Master Shen Jun…..he’s…..” Xiaolin was really anxious, “How about I relay a message for you instead, so come back another day.”

What is he doing?” Mo’lin’s voice was near the door, he curiously lowered his voice, “Could it be? Did I destroy his good deed?”

This…..” Xiaolin refused to continue on.

The two whispering at the door cause Bi Qingshen Jun to be fuming with anger. A fist had landed on the bed board, breaking it in the process and causing me to jump. He then turned his head to me and said, “Miao Miao, wear some clothes, and transform back into a cat. Hide in the blankets and don’t come out.”

Seeing his fuming anger, I hastily put on my clothes, transformed back into a cat, and hid in the bed sheets like it was some sort of drill. I gently lifted up the sheets to take a peek. Bi Qingshen Jun walked over to open the door with a darkened expression, he faced that shameless bastard and bluntly asked, “What did you come running here for?”

I didn’t ruin your good deed, did I?” Mo’lin had an embarrassed face, and whispered a few words quietly, “I’m really sorry, although your bed is like a battlefield, your skills in bed aren’t bad right?”

Bi Qingshen Jun’s fists relaxed, his knuckles made crackling sounds.

That cat must be lucky to have you.” That bastard Mo’lin continued to speak recklessly.

Hehe,” Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly started laughing, he stretched his hands out grabbed Mo’lin’s shoulders, and then dragged him towards the martial arts field, politely saying, “Recently, I’ve only done some probing around for the whereabouts of that demon Yao Yang and his followers. I haven’t exercised my knuckles for a full three days, my bones are itching from irritation. How about you help me with touching up my skills, alright?”

Wait a second! I’m a doctor not a soldier! How can I accompany you?” Mo’lin hastily cried.

I’ll be lenient, it’s not like I’m taking your life, just a little practice, so rest assured.”

I don’t want to ah!” Mo’lin’s cries shook the heavens and earth, “Next time, I’ll definitely come at the right timing, I absolutely won’t rush in, so you mustn’t use violence! Violence is no good!”

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    The teasing is painful! Every time a ‘good’ (*wink wink*) part comes up, it gets ruined somehow :/ Poor guy has to deal with (*cough*) being horny all this while, and Miao is still clueless as to /how/ he’s gonna ‘eat’ her 😛 It’s really enjoyable and funny to read, but also makes me get heart attacks!! I look forward to your next translation! ^_^ Thanks again for your hard work 🙂

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