Meow Meow Meow Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – Practice

I didn’t know how long Bi Qingshen Jun wanted me to hide in the blankets for. In that time, the two of them grew farther and farther away from me, and Mo’lin’s miserable screaming became quieter and quieter. Eventually, I cautiously and carefully crawled out of the blankets, arched my back and let out a big yawn.

I’ve played for too long that I’ve forgotten it’s time to sleep. I dejectedly rubbed my face with my paws and then gave a glance at the destroyed bed beneath me, finally deciding that it would be best to sleep elsewhere tonight.

After jumping off the bed, I discovered that not only did the bed board break, but also the floor tiles under the bed. The cracked tiles exposed hidden pieces of paper within them.

Wait a second, paper? I hurriedly went to examine the tile again, why would there be paper under the tiles?

I curiously walked over, clawed at the debris, and uncovered a thin pamphlet titled “Erotic Arts”. This was the book Luo Sha had given me a long time ago. No wonder I wasn’t able to find it all this time, Bi Qingshen Jun had actually buried it under the tiles in his room.

Although our relationship is very good right now, do I need to learn special bed techniques to deal with him?

I held this “Erotic Arts” manual while lost in thought. In the end, I made a fast and firm decision. Even if I couldn’t use it on Shifu, I can always learn it and defeat others with it! This kind of thing is always better learnt rather than left alone!

Understanding this point, I quickly opened the book to view the contents. Inside, I was surprised to find pictures of naked and semi-naked people doing stuff I did not know of. Beside the pictures, there were explainations for each page, unfortunately, I was able to understand at most thirty percent of the characters. I felt that the contents of this book were extremely advanced, even just looking at it could cause people to faint.

The only thing I understood through a quick glance was that a woman’s body was very flexible, it could do a lot of incredible actions. But when talking about flexibility, the inborn cartilege and dexterous bones of a cat will not lose to that of a woman’s!

So, I transformed back into my human form, picked a page from the book, and tried it on myself. I bent my body in the strange positions like in the paintings, feeling very relaxed, this wasn’t difficult at all. I must be a natural born genius…..

I maintained this posture until I grew weary and tired. I became depressed as nothing happened and thought that there must be a problem. I opened the book once more and took a careful look at the art. Suddenly, it dawned to me that in each painting, there were both the figures of men and women! These must be techniques you have to learn with both a man and woman!

This brilliant discovery made me feel absolute confidence, therefore deciding that I must find a man to practice these techniques with. But who should I look for? Bi Qingshen Jun is definitely not an option, he forbade me from looking at this book; Xiao Tian I don’t like; Mo’lin I don’t want to see him; Shao Zhong is always together with Xiao Zi…..then. The only one left was Yin Zi, he really cherishes and dotes on me, surely he wouldn’t refuse practicing bed techniques with me, right?

Thus I happily held the book tightly within my arms, taking advantage of Mo’lin and Bi Qingshen Jun’s disappearance to look for Yin Zi.

On my way there, I saw Jin Wen walking towards me with a little girl next to her. They were holding hands and appeared to be having a conversation with each other.

I was going to quietly sneak past them, but I didn’t expect that little girl to cheerfully shout, “Is that Lady Miao Miao?”

Under these circumstances, there was no way I could refuse, I could only obediently walk up to them and give my greetings. Jin Wen hurriedly instroduced, “This is my younger sister Jin Xian, it’s all thanks to the Pill of Immortality that she is better now. She’s here to pay a visit today.”

I looked at the little girl, her facial features were very similar to Jin Wen’s. Just a tiny bit more peaceful and composed compared to Jin Wen, and gentler as well.

She shyly said, “That time this little sprite was hurt by a heartless monster, putting me in a fatal condition. It’s all thanks to Lady Miao Miao generosity and interventions that Master Shen Jun was willing to give me the Pill of Immortality. This kindness, I will never forget.”

“It’s nothing really.” Listening to her praises were indeed sublime. I didn’t dare to take credit, so I honestly told her, “I was only able to steal beef jerky, and almost sent Jin Wen to her execution, thus the person who saved you is Shifu, not me.”

Jin Wen quickly held my hands and smiled, “Although Lady Miao Miao failed to steal the Pill of Immortality, but her desperation and efforts touched the heart of Bi Qingshen Jun, if not, why would he give me the Pill of Immortality?”

“No…..Shifu gave Jin Wen the Pill of Immortality, and then Jin Wen gave it to you.” I hastily replied.

Jin Wen approached me and explained to me the whole situation for half an hour. In the process, I finally understood the correlation between a cause and an effect. Miao Miao is actually so courageous…..

Jin Xian grasped my hands once more and expressed her gratitude, making me feel extremely smug. I was so pleased with her words, I even temporarily put down the”Erotic Arts” to accompany her through the courtyard.

“This is a daisy, it tastes really good. Over there is a peony, it doesn’t taste very good…..” I tried my hardest to explain to the little sprite.

Jin Wen who had been beside us had turned pale, she grabbed me and asked, “Was it you who trampled the garden the past few nights, pulling out large roots and the similar?”

Meow woo~ I lowered my head and grumbled, “Cat’s have to eat a bit of grass… ease the digestion process.”

“You…’re not allowed eat the grass again!” Jin Wen was shaking with anger, “There are a lot of precious grasses here! It’s very hard to raise, and some are herbs I’ve grown for Immortal Mo’lin!”

Her anger should be because of the last sentence, right? I hastened to promise to never eat the grass here again. Jin Wen’s anger had also subsided by now, she even pointed out to the places where I was allowed to take a bite from, and reminded me to wash before eating.

In the distance, Luo Luo and Jian Nan were holding watering buckets as they approached us. Seeing that there were some strangers, Luo Luo gave her greetings and then hid behind Jian Nan. Jian Nan walked forward with a smile and said, “Lady Miao Miao, if you like to eat grass, I can help you grow some that are most suitable for cats. It’s guaranteed to be tasty, and you won’t have to make Miss Jin Wen angry.”

Jin Xian was covering her mouth laughing, making me feel a little embarassed, so I immediately changed the subject, “Jin Xian, what do you normally like to do?”

“Ah?” Jin Xian abruptly turned her head around, and laughed, “I like to do embroidery, play the qin, and recite poetry. My sister says these are all extremely boring.”

“Because you don’t like going out, your health is bad.” Jin Wen said angrily.

“Yes, yes, yes, I will take in the words of big sis for future reference.” Jin Wen smiled.

Jin Wen turned around and said, “When you have free time, come around here to play. I’m in charge of the kitchen and wedding banquet for the wedding, so come down and give us a helping hand.”

“Heehee, how can I say no when Jiejie asks.”

With a smile, the two said their goodbyes, saying that it was late and she needed to accompany Jin Xian home.

After they disappeared from sight, Luo Luo came out from behind Jian Nan and softly said, “It seems…..a bit strange.”

“What is strange?” I was puzzled.

“That girl Jin Xian, doesn’t she hate going out?” Luo Luo asked, “Why is she wearing the boots of people who do martial arts?”

I gave an answer after thinking about it, “Perhaps she likes it, soft leather boots are very comfortable for walking. Jumping around in it is also very convenient, I love wearing them.”

Jian Nan further explained, “Maybe because of the distance of travel in order to facilitate to the long journey, don’t dwell on this too much and just let it go.”

Luo Luo frowned and thought for a while, but eventually gave up and followed Jian Nan.

I suddenly thought of the “Erotic Arts” manual and hurried to where Yin Zi was.

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