Meow Meow Meow Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 – Yin Zi Is Very Angry

Yin Zi that stupid crow was atop a wutong tree staring at the clouds in a daze. In his hands was a medicine book so I wasn’t sure whether he was dozing off or not.

I hurriedly rushed towards and climbed up the tree, breaking little twigs and branches in the process. Yin Zi turned his body to me, and with an impatient and annoyed tone, he said, “Knock it off.”

“I chomped on your gems.” I said with a smile.

“What!” Yin Zi’s eyes opened wide, and upon seeing my joking mannerism, he immediately relaxed, “If you bite any more of my gems, I won’t forgive you.”

“I won’t bite, I won’t bite.” I repeatedly promised.

Yin Zi faced me, and faintly asked, “Aren’t you suppose to be preparing for the wedding? Why have you come over here to play?”

“There isn’t much I can help with in terms of wedding preparations,” I ran over and sat next to him, and then mysteriously brought out the “Erotic Arts” manual to show him, “Look at this.”

Yin Zi gave a glance at this book, his eyes becoming sharp. He hastily turned the pages of the book randomly, his face turning redder and redder as he progressed. I’m guessing that this must be some sort of secret hidden martial arts manual, that’s why Yin Zi is getting so excited.

After a long time, he asked with a trembling voice, “This…..where did you get this book?”

I speedily covered his mouth, looked in all four directions, and after finally confirming that nobody was eavesdropping, I whispered, “I found this in Bi Qingshen Jun’s room, it wasn’t easy! You can’t let anyone know of this.”

“Bi…..How can Bi Qingshen Jun have these kind of books?” Yin Zi had a few drops of cold sweat. I quickly explained to Yin Zi about the matter with this book and Luo Sha, “After he took the book, he hid it away from me, and today, I’ve finally retrieved it.”

“Then…..then did he give you this book so you could learn from it?” Yin Zi continued to ask.

Stealing is wrong, but lying is also wrong, and if Bi Qingshen Jun finds out that I took a peek at something I’m not suppose to, then that is even more wrong. Hearing Yin Zi’s question, I immediately folded my ears and silently blushed from embarrassment.

Seeing that I did not make a sound, Yin Zi, he I don’t know why, but his face turned red from anger. He jumped up and shouted, “That bastard! How can he let you read these kinds of perverted books?! Especially this domineering and tyrannical type! And he wants you to learn these types of things to pleasure him?! Outrageous! Too hateful! I knew he wasn’t a good guy!”

I didn’t know which bastard Yin Zi was talking about… I held onto him and continued to explain the origins of this book, “The contents of this book are truly profound, I don’t understand it at all.”

“Nonsense! It would be weird if you understood!” Yin Zi was enraged.

“It’s because I don’t understand, that’s why I came to find you!” I took the book out of his hands, and then pointed at the pages and asked, “Look, why are several people carrying the woman? And over here why is she tied up? Why are they upside down? What about over here, why does she have one leg on the wall? What does it mean over here? Why?”

As he looked from the book to my face, his face grew even redder. A few drops of blood suddenly dripped from his nose. I hurriedly reached for a handkerchief Wawa made me, helped him rub his nose, and asked, “What’s wrong? Is your body not well?”

“Why did you bring this over to ask me about it? Shouldn’t you be asking that bastard?” Yin Zi pushed me aside, and used his sleeves to wipe away the blood.

I quickly exclaimed, “I came to practice the techniques in the book with you!”

“With…..practice with me?” Yin Zi looked at me stunned, more blood had flowed down his nose. In the end, he stumbled and hit himself against the tree trunk, ending up in a comatose condition.

Because of this accident, I quickly jumped down from the tree and grabbed the book back. I loudly shouted to the servants for assistance.

This…..isn’t my fault, right? There was some guilt in my heart, he gave me a pale and pitiful glance, saying “My little baby is way too good for that bastard.”

“Which bastard?” I didn’t understand.

“How can Bi Qingshen Jun let you learn such things…..he’s really as shameless as you can get…..” Yin Zi had tears in his eyes, “You haven’t even formally gotten married yet, and you want to learn bed techniques. What if you can’t satisfy him in the future, would you fall out of his favor?”

What? Bed techniques are bad? This really shocked me, so I had no choice but to reveal the truth of stealing this book to Yin Zi, hoping he would think of another idea.

Hearing my words, he became silent for a moment, and then pointed at my nose and asked, “So you’re saying, Shen Jun forbade you from looking at this book, but you went and stole it for a glance?”

“Aren’t bed techniques a very powerful type of martial arts?” I hurriedly justified, ” Miao Miao just wants to become more powerful!”

Before I could even finish my words, I felt a sudden pain in my head. Turns out it was actually Yin Zi who brutally knocked me on the head, scolding, “You damned cat, how can you be so stupid! How can bed techniques be martial arts?! And here I almost thought the bad guy was Bi Qingshen Jun! Dammit! Quit speaking nonsense and giving people the wrong idea!”

“Stop hitting, I’m not speaking nonsense!” I speedily dodged his attacks, feeling very wronged. Though his attacks didn’t contain much strength, I did not hit him back or anything. His weak composition, if I even gave him the slightest hit, he would be injured and blame me for it.

Yin Zi’s beating eventually halted, he grit his teeth and said to me, “If there are things you don’t understand, don’t mix it up and speak nonsense. With the subject of the bed techniques, you can ask Bi Qingshen Jun about it after you’ve officially married him.”

“This really isn’t a kind of martial arts?” I hesitantly asked, “Are you sure?”

“It really isn’t! Definitely not!”

“Shifu will really teach me?”


Seeing Yin Zi’s darkened expression like he was about to hit someone, I quickly tucked my tail and ran away…..

Back at Xuan Qing Palace, I found Bi Qingshen Jun sitting in his rooming reading. I touched the “Erotic Practice” and decided it was best if he didn’t know. I secretly tried to creep away so I could dig a hole and bury it.

I didn’t think I would he would notice, he smilingly faced me and greeted, “You’re back? Have you eaten dinner yet?”

I can’t escape, and hastily replied to his question, “Not yet.”

“Your dinner will be brought over then,” Bi Qingshen Jun commanded, “Eat together with me.”

Meow woo~ an enticing aroma wafted through the air, causing me to hesitate.

Seeing my guilty face, Bi Qingshen Jun stood up and walked towards me. My forehead was dripping with sweat and a sudden wake-up call broke my trance, “What did you do this time?!”

Hearing his tone of voice, I finally brought things to light. The hairs on my back were raised as I obediently surrendered the book to him, promising, “Miao Miao won’t steal any more books.”

Bi Qingshen Jun looked at the book and then looked back at me, seemingly pondering about something. He then asked, “Do you really want to learn this?”

Preview for Chapter 94…….

But! At this critical moment! I suddenly widened my eyes, and discovered what was wrong! Something very wrong!

Ehhh? Why does Shifu have a turtle?! Didn’t he say he didn’t have one?!

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