Meow Meow Meow Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 – Morning

Turtles really aren’t good things!

Bi Qingshen Jun was like a totally different person. Because I overly struggled, he sometimes lost control of his excitement and suddenly went all the way in. It was such a deathly yet ecstatic pain. This lasted for a very long period of time, almost lasting throughout the entire night. He grasped onto me tightly so I was unable to run or escape. I eventually fell asleep in his arms from fatigue. In my dreary state, I would occasionally feel the touch of cool lips upon my forehead, as if to ease the pain and strain.

Early next morning, I was surprised to find that on Bi Qingshen Jun’s body there were many remnants of scratches and bite marks, could it be…..that these are all Miao Miao’s doing?

“You’re awake?” He suddenly opened his eyes, scaring me.

I quickly nodded, pointed at the scars on his body, and said with a bit of heartache, “Sorry…..I didn’t mean to, does it hurt? Do you want me to lick it for you?”

“It’s okay.” Bi Qingshen Jun gave a glance to the teeth marks on my shoulder, and shyly asked, “Last night I was a bit rough, does it still hurt?”

“It hurts.” I truthfully nodded, “Will we really have children like this?”

Bi Qingshen Jun lowered his head and laughed, “Of course we will.”

“I want a litter of four or five! Fluffy and cute! I want them to crawl around me everyday.” I loudly announced.

Bi Qingshen Jun almost choked on his own saliva, he cleared his throat and said, “You’re no longer an ordinary cat, how can you give birth to that many? It would be considered lucky if you were able to even give birth to a pair of twins.”

“Then two is good.” I touched my flat stomach and whispered. My ears folded from slight disappointment.

Bi Qingshen Jun smiled, reassuring me, “Don’t worry, first, we should get up and eat breakfast.”

The hungry me didn’t want to bicker on any longer, so the naked me jumped up and went into the bath next door. And Bi Qingshen Jun, he draped himself in a robe and went over to his beloved ice bath on the other side.

I was comfortably soaking in the spring water when Jin Wen suddenly came in, her hands holding a set of new clothes. She had a grin on her face and asked, “How did last night go?”

“Really painful.” I crawled out of the water, and let her dress me, “But it’s a bit better now.”

“Seeing those teeth marks and bruises on your shoulder, could it be that Master Shen Jun is very rough?” Jin Wen’s face radiated the aura of a gossiper.

“He was totally rough.” I was a little angry.

“It’s alright, it’s alright,” Jin Wen comforted. She seemed full of experience as she explained, “Once is unfamiliar, but twice will be common. Next time it won’t hurt as much.”

“What next time…..” I muttered. My face crinkled up and my heart trembled as I was reminded again of the uncomfortable feeling on my body last night.

My mind was full of thoughts on food as I walked back to the bedroom for breakfast. Bi Qingshen Jun who had been in the other bath had also come out with a face full of satisfaction along with Xiaolin. I didn’t know why, but he let out a few sneezes, perhaps the ice bath was too cold? Has he caught a cold?

I didn’t pay much attention to him and just focused on eating. After dismissing the servants, he sat down next to me with a wide grin on his face. From time to time, he would grab a piece of fish and put it in my bowl.

I looked at him after eating a few mouthfuls, and then put down my chopsticks and suspiciously asked, “Last night, doing the baby making process, how did you feel?”

“Good, very good.” Bi Qingshen Jun continued to pick away the bones for me, “Eat a bit more. If you want to have children, then you must fatten up a little more.”

“You… weren’t even in a little pain?” I continued to ask.

“I was very happy.” Bi Qingshen Jun cheerfully said, “Next time, if you don’t use your claws to scratch me, it will be even better.”

Why…..why am I the only one in pain? Why is it so unfair? I stared at him with an expression full of contempt, inadvertently breaking my chopsticks in the process.

“What’s wrong?” Bi Qingshen Jun seeing me unhappy, became a bit nervous.

Anyway, since the process of having children has already been dealt with, I secretly thought of the babies and children in my mind, swearing to myself that I would never again do something so stupid and painful. I smilingly shook my head, and did careful preparations in my mind, that no matter how he persuades me, I won’t change back into my human form.

While I was thinking of these wonderful ideas, Bi Qingshen Jun brought out a bottle of ointment. He undid my clothing and rubbed a little on the wounds and bruises. The feeling of this ointment was extremely cooling, very comfortable as well, and the pain disappeared soon after.

As he rubbed and rubbed, his arms suddenly stiffened and his breathing becoming excited. He seemed like he wanted to go through the children having process again, thus my heart suddenly became wary, preparing to transform back into a cat.

But unexpectedly, from outside the door came the sound of Xiaolin, “Master Shen Jun, Lieutenant Haiyang wants to see you.”

“Understood.” Bi Qingshen Jun let out a long sigh, he gave a few commands and then gently touched my ears, and whispered, “Miao Miao, in the next few days, don’t run around too much. The wedding is tomorrow, so after the battle is settled, many gods and immortals will come by and celebrate. You must be patient these coming days, after the official wedding, I’ll compensate by taking you out to play.”

“Can we go down to the mortal realm to play too?” Hearing that we could go and play, I perked my ears up like a baby.

“Of course, we will go wherever you want to go.” Bi Qingshen Jun was in a very good mood.

My heart was moved by his actions… occasional tingling pain could be felt.

Bi Qingshen Jun helped me get dressed. We slowly walked out of the door and proceeded to the guest hall. I happily thought about playing with Luo Luo and the others next.

I saw one of the soldiers Haiyang had brought along in front of the yard. He was teasing one of the servants, appearing very relaxed and comfortable.

“Ladies, why the long faces, that bastard Yao Yang’s location has already been discovered by our Lord Haiyang. We’re on our way to capture him immediately. After this raid, the Demonic Realm and the Heavenly Realm will be at peace again.”

“Isn’t that Yao Yang quite powerful? The battle’s been going on for so long, how can it end in just a day?”

“Ladies, you’ve been in this residence and you still haven’t heard? Didn’t you ladies know, that bastard was badly injured by Lord Shen Jun. The plan this time can just be considered tying loose ends together.”

“The stuff you men do, how would we women know about? Everything we hear from the battlefield are from you guys anyways.”

“Hey, did I tell you about that battle at Yan Mountain last time? Lord Shen Jun was so majestic that time! Although, I, myself am not bad either!”

Shifu is definitely imposing and powerful, aren’t these topics a little old? I’ve already heard of them before, not fun at all. Therefore, I smilingly jumped to the direction of the gardens.

Luo Luo was playing with a whip and spinning tops in the courtyard along Wawa and Jian Nan.

I playfully popped out and acted as a lion as I swept away the spinning tops. When Luo Luo saw me, a smile instantly appeared on her face and asked me to join in on their games as well.

What is a little pain when compared to the impending happiness? I was looking forward to the arrival of the wedding day tomorrow, Bi Qingshen Jun and I together and joining hands forever, this happiness lasting until the end of time.

Of course, this happiness doesn’t include turtles!

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