Meow Meow Meow Chapter 100

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Chapter 100 – An Unlucky Seduction

As I was about to begin undressing, Bi Qingshen Jun words replayed in my mind, he said that if I undressed in front of other men, he would spank my butt…..

I hesitated for a very long time, and finally came to the conclusion that getting spanked on the butt is better than dying. I began taking off my outer garments and followed Jin Wen’s advice. Maintaining a gentle expression, I look at Yao Yang and let out a cry, “Meow woo~”

He instantly fell into a trance and almost stumbled to the ground, his eyeballs popped out of his eye sockets as he stared at my bareness. The guards next to him seeing my actions, immediately turned their heads. Yao Yang made a coughing sound and then asked, “What are you doing?”

I didn’t reply to his question, recalled other types of cat sounds, and cried out hoarsely, “Meow woo~”

Yao Yang stared stunned.

I tried to recall the ‘warm welcoming’ that was taught to me, I gently leaned over and then quickly turned around again. I then reached for the hairpins in my head and released my bundle of hair, waving it back and forth. The next move I made, shyly lowering my head and playing with my hair, he didn’t see so I was depressed. I grievingly called out, “Owner woo~”

Yao Yang’s nose bled, he kept repeating, “Moe…..too moe…..all the wolves, dogs, and foxes can all go to one side!”

Didn’t the girls say that at this point Bi Qingshen Jun would jump on top of me? Yao Yang didn’t rush forward and jump on me, not to mention, he didn’t even budge. I became a little anxious, although I’ve learned many postures and techniques, I’ve already forgotten most of them. The more anxious I became, the more miserably I failed.

Hateful! Why are the things called men so troublesome? If it was a cat, a little meow would do. Every male cat within a radius of 1 mile of hearing this call, would immediately rush over! Really annoying!

As I thought and thought, I considered whether or not I should use the same methods for Yao Yang as I would for Bi Qingshen Jun. Since he dressed up as a woman earlier, who knows, he might not even be male! If my guess is correct then, the methods and techniques I were taught won’t be so effective anymore. I used my cat method and rolled on the ground, acting cutely.

Yao Yang turned red from excitement, he took a step forward but still seemed to hesitate.

I hasten to build on my progress, I rubbed my ears and called out, “Meow woo~, the ground is cold, Miao Miao wants a hug.”

Yao Yang wiped the blood from his nose, his hands reaching for the device for the drawbridge.

Seeing that my plan appeared to have been a success, my entire body became taut and was ready to change into a cat and jump the moment the bridge dropped. Enduring the pain and jumping with three legs should be no problem.

But Yao Yang that bastard, as he was reaching for the device, he suddenly turned around and seemed to have regained his composure. He looked at me and grinned, “Moe cat girl, you must endure for a bit. After I kill Bi Qingshen Jun, I’ll bring you back to the Demonic Realm and give you love.”

“Miao Miao’s leg hurts, might be broken…..” Seeing the situation slowly falling against my favor, I quickly cried out, “I dislocated my foot.”

“This…..” Yao Yang touched the device and hesitated once more.

“I beg you…..” In order to escape, I abandoned all my dignity as a cat and begged him.

“All right!” Yao Yang assured, “You aren’t my opponent anyways.”

I joyfully watched as Yao Yang was about to activate the device. His other hand suddenly slapped mercilessly against his own cheek, his face becoming all swollen. He loudly cursed, “You little shithead! How can someone change their character this quickly? That cat has a reputation in the demon world, and has been a disciple of Bi Qingshen Jun for a while now, do you think she’s really that easy to deal with?”

After a moment of silence, just as I was about to succeed in my skillful seduction, Yao Yang angrily shouted, “You and I have the same body, even if you scold me, you’ll just be scolding yourself! And when you hit me, you’re also hitting yourself! Does your face not hurt! That cat’s leg is dislocated, where do you think she can go like that?”

“What nonsense is that? I’m gonna kill that cat in front of you!” The cold version of Yao Yang shouted crazily.

The strange version of Yao Yang became even more enraged, “If you dare kill my woman again, I’ll go against your actions everyday! I’ll go to the Demonic Realm and strip in front of everyone’s eyes! I’ll destroy your reputation and achievements all at once!”

“Ever since the day I was injured, you suddenly appeared in my body, and haven’t given me a day of peace!” The cold Yao Yang ruthlessly grit his teeth.

The strange Yao Yang retorted, “What a bunch rubbish! When people cross over into other’s bodies it is a success, but when I cross over, I have to be stuck in this brain-dead guy as well as share the body with him! What a waste of my talents!”

“Talent my ass! Those are all words without evidence!” The cold Yao Yang cursed.

The strange Yao Yang sneered, “Says the guy who’s always following those stupid doctrines of the Demonic Realm, has a brain that is weak as hell!”

“Warriors die on the battlefield! It is a glory to! This is loyalty to the citizens in the Demonic Realm!” The cold Yao Yang said.

“Riches, power, and beautiful women are what people wish to attain! Unlike you, your only path is towards death! I don’t want to die with you!” The strange Yao Yang shouted.

I continued to call out ‘meow meow’ as he was very vigorously arguing with himself. In the end, the one that gave up the exchange of shouts was the strange Yao Yang, he viciously said, “I don’t want to waste anymore time talking with you, endurance is key!”

And the cold Yao Ying? He just indifferently stared at me without speaking.

Even a fool would know when their plans have failed, not to mention I’m not a fool.

I bitterly draped my outer garments back on, turned around, and suddenly came up with a wonderful idea. Even if I can’t cross the bridge, I can dig a hole and crawl out of the cave! The rock and soil here is quite tough, but there’s nothing that my Heaven Shattering Claws can’t dig through, so I immediately began digging like a groundhog. Yao Yang stared at me but did not stop my actions, he just said with disdain, “This mountain range stretches for dozens of miles deep and wide, go ahead and dig as much holes as you want.”

Only dogs would listen to what their enemies say! I angrily glared at him, my claws continuing to dig a deeper and deeper hole.

Yao Yang shook his head and said, “How are you so stupid?”

I turned around and through a stone past him. He dodged sideways escaping my attack. Next, I picked up several more stones to pound them at him, but were blocked by his guards.

“If you continue to misbehave, I’ll kill you.” Seeing that I didn’t stop, he became angry.

“If you want to kill me, then come!” Against enemies, I’ve never known the word fear.

Yao Yang placed his hands on a long blade by his waist, hesitated for a long time, finally saying, “I won’t kill you for now.”

I was going to continue throwing the stones at him, but suddenly my mind had another idea, an idea that would guarantee an absolute escape.

Gahmoon: Part 1 of the book has a total of 105 chapters, as for chapters 101-105 they give kind of the overall ending for part 1 which I don’t want to spoil yet, I’ll release them all at once most likely today or tomorrow. 

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