Meow Meow Meow Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 – Shifu Is Omnipotent

Opposing the laughter of others, I continued to dig my hole, and after compiling a pile of dirt, I made another hole so Yao Yang could only see my tail and not what I was doing.

I then took off my tattered dress and skirt leaving only my red undergarments and pants on. I further tore the pieces of cloth into strips, and one by one, I tied them to each other and then attached it to a stone.

The long piece of fabric, although tied together messily, it should be able to sustain the weight of an ordinary without any problems for a short period of time. I quietly stuck my head out and was surprised to find that Yao Yang had been coldly staring in my direction.

This kind of situation was very bad because I originally planned to throw the rope made of cloth up to one of the remaining pillars. I would then climb up the pillar using my makeshift rope and run across the other side through the chains connecting the pillars to the outside. But since he keeps staring in my direction, if he severs the chains as I’m running across them, I would fall into the lava, so I must do something to divert his attention.

I didn’t expect I would be able to come up with such a clever tactic, this is too great, the only weakness to this plan lies within its low rate of success. I proudly took the rope made from cloth and continuously observed him, waiting for the moment his eyes diverted.

Unfortunately, that bastard didn’t leave to eat nor to the washroom. Even when my stomach was growling from hunger, he just silently ignored that fact, making me very depressed…..thus I walked out of the hole and walked around to observe the situation. That bastard even dared to say, “Shameless.”

Who is the actual shameless one? I didn’t ask him this question, I just walked back to my hole and squat there waiting for other opportunities. Like this, I began to doze off, and just as I was about to fall asleep, from the sky came a thunderous sound, waking me up from my trance.

The thunderous sound appeared from somewhere nearby, the sound reverberated in my ears and shook my wildly beating heart. I hurriedly crawled out of my hole and found that Yao Yang had a downcast expression. He hastily gave orders to a few of his soldiers and then quickly left the cave.

Seeing him leave, I reached for the rope from my rear and hurried to the base of one of the pillars. I threw the rope up to the chains, forming a bridge to the outside. With a jump, I quickly climbed up the rope and hurriedly ran for the chains. As I was doing this, I had also instantaneously transformed back into the form of a cat to maximize efficiency.

Seeing me make my escape, the soldiers’ reactions were also very quick. They rushed to where my makeshift rope was attached to the chains and severed the connection. As I ran, there was still 20 feet left until the other side, so I had to make a sudden leap.

Beneath me was a sea of lava, I instantly transformed back into a human to make use of the longer limbs. I barely grasped a rock, but my the tip of my tail had accidentally touched the lava, making me gush in pain. My hands and feet scaled the walls as I pitifully endured the scalding pain.

Before I could even lick my wounds, the swords of those soldiers already came crashing down towards me as if I was on the chopping block. I stared at all those bullies, and then let out all my pent-up frustration on them. I used my Heaven Shattering Claws to smash a soldier’s head to a bloody pulp, and sliced another cleanly in half. And like that, my long-lost blood lust was renewed.

Right now, my excited face must be very distorted because the few remaining soldiers had sweat dripping from their foreheads and was retreating to the rear. I took little kitten steps, smirking as I approached them. My claws were gleaming with a murderous aura, vowing to exterminate all those that bullied Shifu and I! I will take their heads and decorate them on the walls of Xuan Qing Palace!

Using the lightweight hunting skills of a cat to kill, no sound was made. Soon, the drops of blood merged into a river of blood. I licked the blood from my paws, went outside the cave, and heard Bi Qingshen Jun’s groan.

Has Shifu come? I was surprised and hurriedly limped forward. Before I even took a step outside the cave, I felt a huge blast of energy through my body.

I unhappily glanced at my foot which now contained a lump the size of a bun. A strong sense of unease caused me to change back into a cat so I wouldn’t be noticed by other people. I cautiously adventured outside of the cave and saw the surrounding mountainside and valleys, Bi Qingshen Jun was there at the very center. As if it was alive, a thunderbolt in the shape of a dragon chased down at Bi Qingshen Jun. That bastard Yao Yang was sitting near the entrance smiling as he watched Bi Qingshen Jun struggle.

The lightning was very fast, and the electricity was magnifying. There was no direction of attack, just emitted countless sparks, completely surrounding this valley. Bi Qingshen Jun maneuvered his body to avoid these attacks, appearing unharmed and gaining the upper hand.

Shifu really is amazing, he definitely will break through this hexagram! I hid my delight and sat by the cave entrance as I watched in delight. Yao Yang’s smile became more concentrated as the fight progressed, he opened his mouth to speak, “He’s not the number one general in the Heavenly Realm for nothing, this array of the Nine Lightning Dragons probably won’t give him any difficulty.”

Yao Yang’s talking became silent, and he dispersed a silver-colored powder into the air. As a result of his actions, the lightning became brighter and the electricity became even more magnifying, growing several more sparks. It desperately chased after Bi Qingshen Jun.

Not good! I became a little panicked, but Bi Qingshen Jun only coldly laughed, “The Nine Lightning Dragons Formation really is a joke, you are using the essence of thousands of lives to fuel this, are you getting a little desperate?”

“So what if I am?” Yao Yang stood up, and proudly said, “Today is the day you die!”

“Not necessarily,” Bi Qingshen Jun soared to the sky in a swift motion, severing the lightning claw of the dragon, he called out, “I’m in your care.”

A towering golden pagoda appeared in the air, above Bi Qingshen Jun. In the air, two generals appeared next to him, one of which was Li Tianwang, and the other had a pale face and three eyes, most likely to be the Yang Jian that Jin Wen mentioned. They all appeared with weapons, and very powerful. And there was also a dog…..who appears to be Xiao Tian.

“As far as I know, the Bi Qingshen Jun I know never asked for assistance in the past.” Yao Yang was somewhat surprised.

Bi Qingshen Jun retorted, “According to my knowledge, the Yao Yang I knew never used such despicable mean to fight.”

“People will always change.” The both of them spoke at the same time, sighed at the same time, and eyes recognized the enemy in front of them as if they’ve known each other for a lifetime.

Yao Yang made a move first, his sword moved like the meteors into the air. Li Tianwang hastily drew his nine corded whip to block the attack, but ended up having several cords severed in the process.

The lightning that was originally trapped in the valley suddenly erupted, sending out massive blasts that shook the whole place.I tightly held onto the entrance of the cave to keep my balance and not fall, but several rocks still fell on my head because the blast.

Li Tianwang did not expect this sudden attack, and seeing the lightning blast headed in his direction, he set up a magical field so Yang Jian could attack. He shouted, “Shen Jun, give me support!”

“Useless!” Yao Yang turned his head and ruthlessly stared at Bi Qingshen Jun, “I mustn’t let you have any opportunity of retaliation, now can I? This is the site for your tomb I’ve selected, although you’re a snake, you can still be buried, right?”

Although it was because of the blast from the lightning, but Bi Qingshen Jun was having troubles getting back up and dodging the attacks because of the lightning strikes he has received from earlier. I anxiously watched, biting my nails and not knowing what to do.

Yao Yang started laughing like a madman, he shed a tear from his right eye. I didn’t know whether he was sad or excited, or if he was the cold or strange persona.

I was feeling very afraid, if…..Shifu dies, what would Miao Miao do? No…..even if I die, I can’t let this kind of thing happen! If worst comes to worst, I can just die with that bastard!

Yao Yang was only several feets away from my position. I grit my teeth, changed back into my human form, and rushed towards him using the opportunity to attack as he still hasn’t noticed my presence. I rolled down the valley together with him.

“Miao Miao! Well Done!” I didn’t know why Bi Qingshen Jun cried out so loudly, he suddenly appeared with a sword by Yao Yang’s neck, holding him down and ordered, “Stop this formation immediately, I can spare your life!”

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