Meow Meow Meow Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 – Budha

The sun gradually rose up into the sky, drying the morning dew on the grass, and also my tears as well.

Mo’lin bandages my wounds, Jin Wen and Wawa helped me prepare and get dressed, the Blue Feather Goddess taught me the necessary etiquettes when meeting the Budha, and Bull Devil gege gave me a warm hug.

After everything has been prepared, Ao Yun transforms into a flaming red dragon, his scales exuding a golden glow. His stature billowing in the clouds would be mighty enough to attract everyone’s attention, beautiful enough to hold your breath.

He slowly lands with his four claws creating a cloud of dust, in a low voice, he says to me, “Climb on.”

I nodded my head, and as I was about to climb onto the dragon, Yin Zi grabbed my hand and would not let go.

“What is it?” I asked, puzzled.

“Promise me,” Yin Zi’s tone was desolate, but was full of hope, “That whether or not Shen Jun can be saved, you can’t do anything stupid, and must come back and find me.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

“This time, you can’t leave me alone by myself…..” After a moment of silence, Yin Zi said carefully, “I will wait for you to come back, everyone will be waiting for you to come back, so don’t hurt their feelings.”

“I’ll be back.” I looked up at everybody with a renewed commitment, their eyes shining.

“I wish you success…..” Yin Zi was reluctant to let go. I stepped onto Ao Yun’s back, the dragon roared and disappeared into the horizon. Passing thousands of miles in a blink of an eye, and disappearing from everyone in a blink of an eye.

I sat on the dragon’s back in silence. No trace of expression, just the fierce wind rippling through my face and hair. What will happen in the future? I don’t know, my heart was anxious, but also contained hope.

Only one thing is certain, after Bi Qingshen Jun appeared in my life, his smile and his person is what my heart yearns for.

Do you regret it? No, absolutely not. If you give me another chance, I’d always pick him.

I don’t know how long we’ve flown. Ao Yun suddenly asked me a question, “Miao Miao, if…..I’m just saying if, if I met you before Bi Qingshen Jun, would you fall in love with me and be willing to wait?”

This question left me stunned, I thought for a long time before giving him a definite answer, “He’s different, different from other people.”

Ao Yun only bitterly laughed, and no longer spoke.

After three cycles of day and night, on the fourth sunset, Ao Yun finally stopped at a vast and boundless sea of clouds. The red glow on the cloud from the sunset revealed a lofty and secretive place, a sacred and free place, but there were no presence of living beings.

“We’re here.” Ao Yun ignored my dismay, landed on a cloud and reminded, “I can only take to here. You must take the path behind you by yourself. Only those with an earnest heart without any doubt will be able to see the Budha. If there is even a shred of doubt or insincerity, you will see nothing.”

I earnestly nodded, my hands clasped together. Step by step, I walked forward.

Seven days and seven nights have already passed. Both my legs have become numb and the Budha still has not appeared. I dragged my heavy body along and continued to move forward. I did not know why this road was becoming increasingly more difficult to walk on, and eventually stumbled and fell, but the Budha still didn’t show up.

Could it be that Miao Miao’s sincerity isn’t enough to touch the Budha?

Will it be enough if I give away all my dried fish to the Budha?

Will it be enough if I peel away my beautiful fur coat and give it to Budha?

Will it be enough if I cut my cute tail and ears and give it to Budha?

I am willing to use anything and everything I cherish for a single wish, that is to resurrect Shifu.

I bowed my head, grit my teeth, and continued to crawl forward, never giving up.

Step by step, the excessive exertion began to blur my vision, as if to shut one’s eyes forever. In my daze, I’ve awoken to a golden light and lofty aroma. Everything around me began twisting and turning. I appear to be in the monastery. The gentle Budha sat on a lotus throne, and beside him there were a lot of others smiling at me.

Dressed in a white robe and holding a garland, the Budha walked forward, his hand sprinkling a sort of nectar on me, and suddenly all my wounds and fatigue instantly disappeared.

“Crazy demon, why have you come?” The Budha finally spoke, his eyes seems to not only see through the world, but also through my heart.

I quickly knelt down to tell him my request.

“Bi Qingshen Jun was destined to meet his end violently, having been through karma, life and death, why insist?” The Budha shook his head, he did not answer my prayers.

“Miao Miao doesn’t mind the degree of the request, I just want Shifu!” I implored.

I didn’t think the Budha would use such complicated language and reasoning. I simply did not understand, so I hastily ran up to the Budha’s leg and pleaded, ignoring the proper etiquette I was taught.

“Bold evildoer! How dare you act so rudely to the Budha!” One of the disciples scolded.

“I ask that Budha drag this shameless demon and have her punished to death for all the killings she has committed.” Another disciple reminded.

“I won’t kill anymore, I won’t kill.” I continued to plead, “Miao Miao will start over as a cat, I promise that I won’t kill even a single mouse! Please save Shen Jun!”

Budha shook his head and said, “Everyone is born equal, put down your knife and attain enlightenment.”

Tears streamed down my entire face as I rubbed it against Budha’s leg.

“But…..” A disciple said.

Budha continued to teach, “Even though this demon was evil in the past, it is willing to change for the better. Not to mention, unborn seeds are innocent.”

“This disciple is thankful for teacher’s wisdom.” The disciple glanced at my abdomen, deeply bowed and then left.

What are unborn seeds? I opened my eyes wide and continued to pray, hoping it would be soon.

He finally sighed and said to the stubborn me, “At the summit of Luoying Mountain, there is a large rock. Everyday, spring water drips on this rock, and when the spring water breaks apart this great rock, that is the day when Bi Qingshen Jun will return.”

“Really? Shifu can come back?” I excitedly raised my tail up, and if not for the disciples giving me death glares, I would have jumped in circles holding Budha.

The Budha nodded in silence and let out a sigh, and slowly the disciples dissipated. I was surprised to find that I had suddenly been transported back to my sea of clouds.

When the spring water breaks the great rock……how long would that be?

A year? 10 years? 100 years? 1000 years? 10000 years? 100000 years?

It doesn’t matter how long I’ll have to wait as long as Shifu can come back. I wanted to quickly to look for Ao Yun and go to the summit of Luoying Mountain, but my vision seems to be blurring again, and my head feeling dizzy. I resignedly fell onto the soft clouds losing consciousness.

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