Meow Meow Meow Chapter 99

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Chapter 99 – Obedience And Training

“Miao Miao doesn’t like getting hit!” Seeing that whip swing back and forth, I hurriedly shouted.

“Then call me owner.” Yao Yang had an evil grin.

“I hate that even more!” Without even thinking, I rejected his request.

Yao Yang touched his chin and said, “You gotta pick one, right?”

“I don’t want to choose! I don’t want to!” I’d rather die than surrender to him.

Before I even finished speaking, the whip mercilessly landed on my waist, tearing through my clothes. It imprinted a long and red mark on my skin. These kinds of torment almost made me cry out in pain, but when facing this type of triumphant bastard, I’d rather grit my teeth and endure.

I have a cat’s pride, not the yielding characteristics of a dog!

The whip fell on my body several more times, tearing apart more of my clothing and revealing a lot of reddened flesh. The excitement in Yao Yang’s eyes increased with each additional whip. He walked forward, forcibly grabbed my chin therefore opening my mouth and preventing it from closing, and placed his mouth over my lips.

I immediately sent a kick towards his stomach, but was blocked by his other hand. There was a humiliating and sad feeling growing in my heart, I slowly retracted my legs, causing him to relax. Using this pristine condition, I abruptly stepped on his toes and swung my tail to his waist.

“Wow!” Yao Yang held his inflamed toes while jumping back to ease the pain. He rubbed his stomach and laughed, “So naughty.”

“Meow woo~ Go to hell!” I felt a little triumphant at my successful attack and couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

His whole expression changed as he sees me laughing, he said with confidence, “I will definitely make you obey me, regardless of method used.”

I turned around, made a ‘hmph’ sound, and ignored him.

Yao Yang walked towards me once more, in his hands, he pinched some sort of powder and then placed his fingers by my nose. This scent caused my whole body to feel weak, and eventually, I slowly collapsed and rolled onto the ground.

Meow woo~ My body arched and my legs kicked wildly. Like some kind of sorcery, I was obstinately clinging to his arms licking away that powder.

Yao Yang let out a laugh at my complete powerlessness. He wrestled me down, fumbled around, and made me extremely uncomfortable.

What is that bastard trying to do? I lifted my hazy eyes, and found that he had begun undressing his own clothing. Does he want me to have his children?

I don’t want to…..I don’t want this asshole! My heart was shouting for help, and my mind tried keeping me awake, but that beige like powder made intoxicated and dizzy.

Yao Yang’s expression suddenly became twisted, clutching his on left hand, he slaps himself all of a sudden. His two hands wrestled with each other fighting non-stop.

The taste of the powder began to fade, my mind becoming sober. I hastily retreated to the rear and stared at that strange bastard fighting with himself.

“Don’t interfere with my business!” Yao Yang shouted.

“Bi Qingshen Jun will arrive any time now, we don’t have the leisure to do such things!” Yao Yang shouted again.

“As fast as he is, he’ll most likely arrive tomorrow.”

“We need to save our strength for the battle!”

“You damned battle maniac!”

“You shameless pervert!”

“I haven’t even eaten yet!”

“This isn’t the first day I’ve known you!”

The two different tones of voice bickered back and forth. After a long time of arguing, the Yao Yang that calls me moe cat girl seems to have come to a compromise, he turned around and bitterly walked away.

To the present, I still don’t understand what happened in the end. Why would anyone hit themselves? And so severely too…..

Rather than worry about that insane bastard, I’d better look for a way to escape. Seeing that he has finished bickering and left, I quickly changed into my cat form, wanting to slip through the chains.

But, unexpectedly, these magical chains shrunk in size as well. It tightly hugged my skin, refusing to come off. Since cats have softer joints and ligaments, and have a more flexible body than that of a human, a squeezed my paws out.

Although my skin was in a torn condition, I was able to free my front paws. I then continued to work on freeing my rear paws. After pulling one of my rear paws out, all of a sudden, a lava monster appeared asking, “What are you doing?”

This originally empty cave actually had something watching this entire time. It gave me a scare, but giving my other paw a fiercer tug, I was able to free it out of the chains with great pain.

I didn’t cry out from the pain, I just held my paw and changed back into my human form. I extended my claws, and following the flow of the breeze within the cave I knocked down some of the posts, the tall pillars fell narrowly missing my head.

There was no time to hesitate, I made several more swiping actions with my paws and attacked that monster. All that the monster did was push some button, and the rope bridge had receded.

I dragged one of the several ton pillars and stared blindly at the boiling lava, not knowing how to break through. Yao Yang’s laughter from the outside echoed into the cave, “Don’t waste your efforts, you can’t pass through the traps in here.”

Hateful son of a bitch! I bitterly cursed, and walked back to fix my dislocated foot. Unfortunately, this kind of thing was what Yin Zi helped me do, but right now, I can only rely on myself. I haven’t any idea how to escape nor leave this place so I can only grit my teeth in pain and pay back this humiliation in full later.

My Heaven Shattering Claws did not cease clawing at the remaining chain on my neck. This lava was sweaty. It took me a full 34 hours of clawing to eventually get it opened.

But what use is opening the shackles? The lava formed a natural barrier, and with such a great distance from a landing platform and a dislocated leg, I have never been more envious of Yin Zi’s wings. Only wings could take me away from this wretched situation.

What should I do? Miao Miao has run out of options…..

I hopelessly stood by one of the remaining pillars, watching the lava monsters on guard in the distance and Yao Yang staring at me with a smile. There was a burst of sadness in my heart as I recalled his hateful actions, I suddenly came up with a strange idea: maybe…..I can lure him over and then beat him up?

While I was sitting in the sedan chair, the lucky nurse said that when men want to do that business about having children, they will take off the woman’s clothing. Bi Qingshen Jun also took off Miao Miao’s clothing when doing that stuff. And also, Jin Wen and the others taught me lots of other weird stuff saying that it would be effective during the wedding night.

He said he likes me, and wants me. Then if I take off my clothes right now, would he want to do the children having process with me?

And if he did come over…..would I be able to kill him, get rid of this obstacle for Bi Qingshen Jun, and escape?

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