Meow Meow Meow Special Chapter: Bi Qingshen Jun – My Story

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Special Chapter: Bi Qingshen Jun – My Story

I am a snake, an extremely ugly and poisonous snake. I don’t why, but if I don’t hide myself, then all animals capable of running away would escape, even hunting has become a problem.

Under this loneliness, I devoted myself to cultivation every day, eventually becoming a powerful monster with a relatively decent human appearance.

During this time, all the monsters and demons that laughed at me for cultivating scrambled to crawl forward and kneel in front of me. They couldn’t wait to lick my boots, some in order to survive and some in order to gain benefits. Those that laughed kept changing faces after faces, it really was fun.

The beauties of the Demon Tribe who once looked down on me gathered around me with endless flattery. Their nauseating words of love, their admiration for my strengths and looks, and their vows of love for me, saying how I was their only reason for living. Although there were exceptions within the Demon Tribe, I didn’t have the time nor patience to slowly discover these hidden gems or to obtain the hearts of other women. Not to mention, I didn’t know how to anyways…..

Attentively listening to the conversations and chatters of other people, I made a joke, that not only was my body made of blood, but everywhere in my body contained a poison, and that when I mate with a woman, they would die from poison. When I asked them again who would like to give it a try, those women all turned pale, their expressions were hesitant and their mouths pushed others forward to try…..

The Demon Tribe were suspicious people. Not only was it rare for ordinary animals to become demons, but most of them have already been long killed using various methods. I understood their methods, so I just smiled and left without making it difficult for them.

Still, they did not leave me, they just lessened their intense rivalry. The cave we dwelled in became lively and full of life. I slowly began to grow accustomed to this environment, with countless masks dangling in front of me, I didn’t know who to trust and not trust.

Good wine, beautiful women, power and riches I’ve got them all. If I still wasn’t satisfied, I would get people to laugh with me. My heart felt really empty, like there was something else I was yearning for, but I wasn’t able to tell what this thing I’d wanted was.

I began to run away from this cave of mine, always running to the highest point of a mountain or cliff and staring off into a daze. I could only see the clouds in the sky changing into many different shapes, all the ordinary animals that were weary of me, their breaths and their trails, and even the sparrows I was unable to see up here.

Very boring, extremely boring, if I continue on living like this as a demon, how is it any different from when I was a snake?

I decided to not think about anything anymore, and enjoy living life as a demon. But in a blink of an eye, the demons who praised and flattered me plotted against and betrayed me. My former friends and enemies set up a trap for me, crushing all my bones, removing my meridians, and eventually reverting me back into my animal form. He used the soles of his feet to crush my head, saying that he wanted to let me experience pain and suffering before I die.

Unfortunately for that bastard, he was unable to see my death because in that instant, my poisonous fangs bit into his feet. He wasn’t in pain for too long and died a quick but merciless death, at least much faster than me.

As I was painfully waiting for my death, an old man came to me, he asked with concern if I was well? I didn’t bother with him.

As if speaking to himself, he said that there was a Budha in the West that could rid one of any pain and suffering, and asked why I haven’t gone to plead to him to save myself. I said I don’t want to be saved, since the end result would be the same anyways.

That old man became angry and knocked on my head with a shoe. He said I was uneducated, saying that with such a good opportunity to ascend the heavens, I’d be stupid to not take it.

I asked him, “Ascending the heavens and living as a demon, what’s the difference?”

The old man said, “Becoming a god, you can have anything you want.”

I can have anything? Is it any different from how I’m living now? Then let’s go and give it a try.

Thus I painstakingly spent 500 years to find the Budha of the West. He was touched by my willpower and perseverance that he gave me a personal recommendation to the Heavenly Court. After careful inspection of my exploits, the Jade Emperor finally allowed me to become an immortal, granting me the name Bi Qingshen Jun.

I fought in many battles, from the Demonic Realm to the Nether Realm. The blood on my hands grew in the process, and the men who worshiped me in awe grew increasingly. I still didn’t know whether or not these people wanted something from me.

But I still wasn’t particularly touched by anything. Because of a particular scenario, I had saved an immortal named Mo’lin, his conclusion was, “Because snakes are cold-blooded, that’s why you don’t have much feelings.”

I came to a sudden realization, accepting my fate.

This man Mo’lin isn’t bad, he’s just a little nosy. He made suggestions that I should go and develop some hobbies, or go marry a wife to share my feelings with. So, I went to learn the qin, learned about painting, and reading. These were very useful to pass time with. As for a wife, I didn’t want a woman who wanted to climb social statuses. Under someone else’s meddling, I had several brief meetings and relationships with a few famous beauties in the Heavenly Realm. But, I wasn’t very good at speaking with other people, nor was I very good at giving others flattery, and was harshly rejected. They all said I wasn’t romantic, and that living together would be very boring.

The only one that liked me was the Apricot Fairy, every day, she would clamor for me to be on the battlefield, saying she liked to be surrounded by an air of massacre and prestige. But, a place like the battlefield, I never thought it was too suitable for women. And plus, although I liked work, it doesn’t mean I was a battle maniac or blood thirsty murderer. When I expressed these thoughts to her, Apricot Fairy said I belittled women and furiously walked away, never to return.

People come and go, so it wasn’t a big deal. Mo’lin said I was a fool, but I still believe it was the woman who was unreasonable, and because of this matter, the two of us got into a big argument.

Like this, the days passed by peacefully and quietly. More and more scars appeared on my body, and work became more and more busy, my rank rose as well. Being busy with something to do is much better than having nothing to do.

Unexpectedly, since I met a certain stupid cat demon, my dull and boring days would soon be over.

The first time I saw that cat demon, it encircled me and didn’t let me leave. I thought this cat was trying to please me like those of the Demon Tribe, so I flung it away. But it had unexpectedly bit me, biting into the venom contained within my blood, almost dying in the process.

I stared at it holding its belly lying on the ground, it was still holding onto my clothes making me really confused. Why would anyone from the Demon Tribe try to bite me? Why wouldn’t unfamiliar demons run away upon seeing me?

Could it be that this cat has problems with its brain? Therefore, I bent down and touched it a few times, it didn’t run away, and just rubbed its head against my palm. Very comfortable. It just kept calling out to me like it didn’t know how to speak.

Perhaps this is a cat that has recently become a demon? Should I spare her? No animals have ever been like this towards me, so I drew my line and left.

After finishing and completing all kinds of affairs, almost a week has passed. I suddenly remembered that stupid cat demon and its soft fur. There was a desire in me to bring her back to Xuan Qing Palace to keep me company, so I went back to that same place and simply searched around, but I could not find any traces of it.

It had no reason to wait for me and I didn’t have any real reason I’d want to keep her for. Since our fate has been severed, then that’s it, but there was still a little regret as I thought about it.

So the second time I saw this cat, seeing that it still remembers me, I decided to bring it back with me to the Heavenly Realm as a disciple, like how Yang Jian has a dog as a disciple.

To my surprise, this cat called Hua Miao Miao wasn’t my imagined young demon, but a fully grown and matured demon, she was very beautiful, and…..extremely shameless. She actually dared to try to jump out of the windows naked. She didn’t understand logic and reasoning, and is always causing trouble, always giving me a surprise. Many times I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh.

I don’t hate Miao Miao, I might even like her a bit, perhaps the best word to describe her would be innocent. She doesn’t have any dreadful thoughts or ill intentions from her heart. What strategic manipulation? What wish for power and riches? What seduction? All of those have nothing to do with her. She was like the exact opposite of what my original thoughts had been.

She really is stupid, but she was willing to eagerly listen to my words, and accept my dullness and seriousness. She would act spoiled just to receive some fish from me, she doesn’t understand worldly matters, but would intuitively learn and correct herself little by little.

The most important thing was that she was really fond of me, and it was null of any ill intentions as well. Every day, she would wait by the doors and wait for me to return, and jump into my arms…..sometimes washing away all my troubles or putting a smile on my face, just something simple like that.

Just like this, I want to maintain her innocence and spoil her as much as possible.

Thus, when that shameless Ao Yun wanted to take her away, I became angry.

I didn’t know how to describe this feeling, but I just felt that Ao Yun was defiling her innocence, and also depriving me of my most important source of happiness.

My anger made me almost speechless, after kicking away Ao Yun, I mercilessly gave her a spanking. She cried out loudly, her clothing also slipping down her shoulders in the process, revealing her ivory skin and a pink kiss mark. Seeing this, my anger grew and I also spanked her with a little more force.

As we returned, I turned my head to look at her, this kind of thing can not be solely blamed on her was what I thought in my head. While I was thinking, she suddenly asks me what a friend was.

The me who had never known what a true friend was didn’t know how to answer her question. I spent an entire night reading and looking for answers in books. I put together pages of information and prepared to slowly tell her the next day.

On the second day, she unexpectedly came up with a solution, the words ‘I’m sorry’.

Thus I decided to try this on Mo’lin, and it really was useful…..

Her so-called friend — Jin Wen, was woman sent by Ao Yun, so I was a bit doubtful. But Miao Miao really likes her, she even went as far as helping her steal the Pill of Immortality. When Mo’lin came to report this to me, I even broke my beloved tea cup and anxiously rushed to save her.

Li Tianwang was a serious and a unaccommodating bastard, I sincerely thought of ways to help her out of the situation. Mo’lin had been able to see through the truth about the beef jerky, I suspected that the guy had known for a while now. Many years later, he really did admit to this.

I found out that as time passed, I cared about Miao Miao more and more. Is this a good thing or bad? Anyway, since she was also very fond of me, should I marry her? Although I’ve separated Miao Miao from that bastard Ao Yun, he dared to continue playing his games with her. If not for his philandering nature and attitude, and if Miao Miao really did fall for him, she would definitely have her heart broken.

This kind of situation must not happen! I took my chosen weapon of combat and thought hard on this question when suddenly, I received a message from Miao Miao saying that she’s fallen in love with someone else.

There was a wave of sorrow and anger in my heart when I heard this. Then when she normally tells me that I was the one she likes the most, was it a lie? Should I just let her go? Mo’lin seeing my ugly expression, kindly suggested that we descend down to the Mortal Realm to see who was the object of Miao Miao’s affection and assess if she truly meant it.

I didn’t think too much, immediately grabbed Mo’lin and descended down into the Mortal Realm.

Unexpectedly, the one that Miao Miao likes was actually a cat, a cat that can not be any more ordinary.

I don’t think that there is any man alive that can accept the fact that a cat is more beautiful than them, right? When comparing this to Ao Yun, I was much more relieved. I hurriedly walked towards to give an explanation to her.

She ran, I didn’t go after her.

I needed to calm down, to calm my jealous self torn by jealousy and the fact that I was less than an ordinary cat in her heart. When the news that there had been women kidnapped down in the Mortal Realm came from Mo’lin, I became nervous.

Fortunately, Miao Miao came back, she always forgave me easily when she was hurt by me, but her eyes this time were full of fear. As I was about to ask her who had bullied her, she threw herself into my arms, saying she was scared, scared of being abandoned.

Seeing that solitude in her eyes, I suddenly realized what my heart had been yearning for, for more than a thousand years.

I couldn’t help but kiss her. I used her reluctance to leave me to tie her to my side.

I went to the Demonic Realm to capture a hellhound for her, as well as looking for all sorts of exotic seafood for her to make up for the guilt and selfishness in my heart.

She still does not understand what love is, but I lied to her, so she would depend on me. I confused her with dependence and true love, so she would willingly stay by my side.

This approach is very dirty, is it not? But I can only do this to obtain her.

I’m sorry…..

The me who didn’t have the courage to propose, had lost the ability to hide this nervousness as Miao Miao went missing for several days. Through Mo’lin’s instigations, Miao Miao had unexpectedly agreed.

But the reason was, she wants to spend her days together with me.

I didn’t know if she understood this as the relationship between a husband and wife, or the relationship between family members. Since I want to marry her, I just want to lock her in my cage and discuss these things in the future.

Maybe this was wrong, but I don’t care, because she is my reason for living.

Of the Heavenly Realm, there were many people who heard of our marriage and talked about it. They all laughed at me for marrying an ordinary demon of the Mortal Realm and one that was my own disciple as well.

They can say all they want, I don’t care, because this is the life I look forward to.

I only feared that this gossip would travel into Miao Miao’s ears and cause her to be unhappy. My worry was completely unnecessary as she was even more unconcerned than I was.

The 7 Jeweled Coronet, gold and silver jewelry, the precious brocade, whether she wants it or not, I will make every young girl and women envy her. I want to tell them all, that she will extravagantly marry me and won’t suffer any grievances in the future.

She can not have any troubles or sadness. As long as she passes her days happily, maintains her cute smile, and haves fun everyday then I will also be happy. We can have several children together. I will personally bring up the children, the boy should be raised into a brave and courageous warrior, while the girl should be raised with the same character as Miao Miao, loyal and persistent.

If anyone wants to come and propose, they first must pass my tests and undergo my strict examinations before they can take my daughter away.

In order to realize this dream sooner, I couldn’t stop myself from pushing Miao Miao down. Fortunately, because Miao Miao also wants a child, she forgave me for all my actions.

The next day, I went to clean up the battlefield. This was also the first time I was distracted while doing work, bringing irreversible consequences with it.

The Jade Emperor was extremely furious at me for this mistake. I don’t mind whatever punishment I’ll receive, my actions don’t garner amnesty, it even led to the enemy capturing Miao Miao.

The Nine Lightning Dragons Formation was very complex, but it wasn’t impossible to break through. Yao Yang must have some other sort of evil plan prepared.

In the past, I’ve never sought help from other people, but this time I’m not allowed to make even the slightest mistake, so I asked for the help of Li Tianwang and Yang Jian.

The time taken to sort out a plan will always be longer than when the plan is commenced, and our time to prepare was way too short. The plan had failed. The choice of life and death, I didn’t want to leave it for Miao Miao to take.

Because I was afraid, if she chooses the wrong choice, she would be bathed in guilt.

In any case… matter what choice is choosen, there is only one result.

And that is for her to live.

The mountain collapsed, countless arrows flew towards us from all directions. Using my last strength, I turned Miao Miao back into her cat form, and then protected her with my body. I supported the weight of all the rocks with my body and have already lost the ability to even stand up now.

Of the many arrows on my back, one has already pierced directly through my heart. Bit by bit, my life force was draining away until the moment I die.

I absolutely can’t let her find out that I was going to die, otherwise she would panic and scream. There was little air inside this small pocket of sealed space, shouting would only cause her breathing to become more difficult, eventually leading to her death.

Thus, upon seeing her uneasy expression, I used up my last effort and pretended I was fine to talk to her, telling her the three words I’ve been keeping in my heart.

She really did not understand anything, I could only bitterly smile.

I softly let out a sigh, my consciousness slowly began to fade, I squeezed out my last bit of will power and gave her a single command, “I’m very tired, so I want to sleep for a while, you can’t bother me, is that understood?”

She nodded her head and obediently followed my order.

Very good, like this, you must be careful with your breathing. Just obediently stay here and don’t move around, and wait until someone comes to the rescue.

I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to fulfill the promises I’ve given you.

I’m sorry, the oaths I’ve sworn won’t be achieved.

I’m sorry, I’ve caused you irreparable damage.

I’m sorry…..

I can’t accompany and walk with you towards the future, so please forgive me this one last time…..okay?

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