Meow Meow Meow Chapter 128

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Chapter 128 – Being A Step Father Is Rather Difficult

“Mother, I’ve been looking for you all this time.” Two streams of tears rolled down Xiao Mao’s face. I hurriedly embraced my own child, and desperately explained the current situation to him. I let him know that his father has been found and that we could live together like in the past.

Xiao Mao lifted his innocent eyes, sluggishly pulled at Xiang Qing’s sleeves, and said, “Are you really my father? Will you buy me delicious food and play with me? Will you tuck in my blankets in the middle of the night? Will you hit or scold me?”

“Yes, of course your father will!” I remembered Yin Zi had said that a father will also love his son dearly, that means Xiang will also really adore Xiao Mao.

Xiang Qing still hadn’t recovered from his shock. After a long time, he grabbed a hold of me and asked, “You…..have a child? A child that old?”

“Yup,” I proudly answered, “He’s also your child. Xiao Mao is really well-behaved, he’s smart and he’s obedient as well! I raised him up well!”

Xiao Mao beside me revealed a crafty smile, “Father, Xiao Mao really is obedient. Could it be you want to marry Mother, and want to abandon me?”

Xiang Qing had finally recovered from his shock, his expression was full of disbelief, “Your mother appears to be around seventeen or eighteen years old, how could she have a child that’s seven or eight years old?”

“Who said she was seventeen or eighteen? It’s just that she looks young!” Xiao Mao opened his mouth to say, “Obviously my mother is much older!”

“How… much older…..” Xiang Qing was speechless.

Xiao Mao replied, “Let me calculate!”

I was over two thousand years old, and honestly, I can’t even clearly remember my exact age much less Xiao Mao. At this moment, he appeared to be thinking hard about something while the surrounding masses began to stir lively. Everyone was quietly whispering to each other and pointing to me. This feeling was very uncomfortable, what did I do wrong again?

Xiang Qing’s expression became more and more unpleasant, he asked, “How come you didn’t tell me you had a child?”

“I didn’t have time to tell you,” I naturally reasoned, “And you didn’t ask?”

Xiao Mao immediately became upset and asked, “With such an unpleasant expression, does he want to drag me away and boil me in a pot of oil? He doesn’t want me? Does he want to sell me as well?”

“Your father will not do such things!” I quickly defended Xiang Qing.

Xiang Qing’s lips twitched several times like he was about to say something, but ultimately chose to be silent.

Yin Zi rushed through the crowd from the distance, he suddenly stopped as he saw Xiao Mao. He hurriedly stepped forward and questioned, “What did you come here for?”

“Oh dear! Our little crow has become such a beauty,” Xiao Mao wasn’t angry, he just walked around Yin Zi a couple of times while glancing at him from head to toe and slyly smiled, “This little child doesn’t quite remember how I should address you, oh~ what should I do?”

“Nephew! Aunt really misses you! When you wet your bed, it was me who changed your diaper!” Yin Zi instantly hurried next to Xiao Mao’s side, and whispered into his ears, “If you dare call me Godfather here today, I will fight you!”

“Hmph,” Xiao Mao returned a smile and hugged Yin Zi, his mouth angrily whispered back, “You guys are a bunch of bastards, secretly running away without even telling me. When I descended to the Mortal Realm and went home, you guys were already gone, only after a long time did I find you guys doing this sort of thing.”

“Don’t call it this kind of thing! Finding your father is important business!” Yin Zi continued to whisper.

Xiao Mao furiously shouted, “Nonsense!”

“He is your father’s reincarnation.”

“That bastard doesn’t even look one bit strong! He’s also not as handsome as Ao Yun! Based on what can he be my father?”

“Based on the fact that your mother likes him! Little ancestor, please not make chaos, alright?”

“I didn’t come here to make a chaos though, I just came to look for Mother.” Xiao Mao’s voice suddenly amplified as if he wanted to make a complaint, “Then does Mother only want to marry Father and not want me anymore?”

“That’s rubbish!” I righteously walked over to the teary eyed Xiao Mao, and then brought him into my embrace. I then proceeded to reprimand Yin Zi, “Don’t scold the child, he’s never seen his father before. He’s just a little confused and can’t figure that out right now, but it’s okay because I recognize him.”

“It would be strange if you couldn’t recognize him!” Yin Zi softly rebuked, “That child has come to make trouble!”

“But Father despises me!” Xiao Mao cried even more loudly, he hurried next to Xiang Qing, pulled at his sleeves and asked, “Mother didn’t tell you, but Xiao Mao actually isn’t well-behaved. I steal roast chickens and a pick fights a lot, in the future, Xiao Mao will try to be a good child so don’t abandon me.”

“I…..I…..” Xiang Qing scrambled with his hands and feet, and glanced to me for help, “This, what in the world is going on?”

Everyone around us began to ponder and chit-chat with each other. A variety of topics began to spring forth and many new words I could not understand were mixed together with it.

“Is there even a need to ask? That Miao Miao girl is definitely a widow and wants you to become the child’s cheap father.”

“This obviously is a love trap! To cheat your feelings and make you take care of her child.”

“Xiang Qing, you’re really are a fool, it’s not too late to regret.”

“Being a step father is rather difficult, you must reconsider! You shouldn’t marry this kind of woman.”

What is a love trap? What is a cheap father? What about a step father? The words they speak are truly profound, they are completely incomprehensible! Xiao Mao is obviously Bi Qingshen Jun’s child, which means he is also Xiang Qing’s child! How could he think I’m lying? This is unacceptable! Miao Miao never lies!

After thinking about it, I held onto Xiang Qing and said, “Xiao Mao is your child…..”

“En!” Xiao Mao desperately nodded his head, “After you marry my mother, I’ll be your child.”

Yin Zi rushed over and pulled away Xiao Mao, “I beg you, please stop making a ruckus and go back home.”

The large and sturdy Aunty Shang came over and accused Yin Zi, “How can you encourage the child’s mother to abandon him? Truly pitiful!”

This situation has become a ball of mess, no matter what you said, everyone else would ignore it and input their own opinions. The more they spoke, the more chaotic it became, only Xiang Qing stood in silence like a stone.

Aunty Shang gave me a pat on my shoulder, and sighed, “How could you hide your identity as a widow? You’ve hurt that child Xiang Qing’s heart deeply. He’s really a good kid, and he’s barely twenty years of age, how can you ask him to be the step father of a seven or eight years old child?”

“Who said I was a widow!” I quickly argued, “Xiang Qing is Xiao Mao’s father!”

Aunty Shang made a surprised expression, “Then could it be that he thoughtlessly had an affair with you in the past? Ah you really can’t tell looking at him…..”

Xiang Qing staggered, almost falling onto the ground. He finally opened his mouth and said, “I’ve never done such a thing before.”

“Yeah,” Xiao Mao said, “He’s never been there for us, and I’ve also never seen him before.”

“But now you have,” I tried to comfort Xiao Mao, “In the future, you can spend more time with your father. They all say that sons need the teachings of their father.”

“But, Father doesn’t appear to want us.” Xiao Mao opened his innocent eyes and stared at Xiang Qing, “Since he doesn’t want us, let Xiao Mao accompany Mother in the future.”

“Nonsense, you father won’t not want us.” I hastily justified.

Xiang walked forward, touched his head, and squat in front of him. Xiao Mao immediately pushed him, and then hid behind me, refusing to come out and face him.

“Miao Miao…..” Xiang Qing slowly spoke, “This is too sudden, let me think about this for a bit.”

After speaking, he headed back towards his own courtyard, the shadow of his back was very lonely and desolate…..

I looked around and found that everyone was staring at me with a strange expression. Yin Zi also had a look of despair and sadness in his expression. Only Xiao Mao had a face full of smiles.

In the end, what’s the matter? Is there something wrong?

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