Meow Meow Meow Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 – A Family Of Three

Xiang Qing grabbed the Su Mei sword and tried to strike several more times, but with a flicker of the demon’s tail, he was flung to the other side. I rushed forward to block oncoming attacks, but it’s tail had wrapped itself around my body, unwilling to release its grip.

“You must attack its weak point!” I struggled against the demon’s grip while shouting to the side.

“What weak point?” Xiang Qing was very frustrated, “This is a demon that can no longer reason and feel pain?”

“Yes!” I was in a lot of pain. A small cat such as myself against a big and strong bear, I really was at a disadvantage.

The demon lowered its head next to mine and revealed its fang, its saliva leisurely dripping. Very disgusting. Its rotten corpse stench had almost caused my nose to malfunction. I gave its nose a flying kick, and didn’t allow it to come any closer.

Xiang Qing continued to strike the sword upon the demon’s hard skin and tough flesh, but nothing was able to go through. He had even wanted to smash the sword to pieces due to frustration, he scolded, “Didn’t you say I was Bi Qingshen Jun’s reincarnation or something? How come I can’t use this broken piece of iron at all?”

“The years must have worn away at it…..” I quietly replied, my feet continued to attack the demon.

“There’s obviously magical force sealed within this sword! But I can’t use any of it.” Xiang Qing hurried over and tried to free me from the demon’s grasps.

“You can’t restore your former strength!” I suddenly remembered what Mo’lin had said, “You absolutely can’t use Bi Qingshen Jun’s powers!”

“Why not?”

“You won’t be able to return to the Heavenly Realm in doing so nor will you be able to return to your former position.”

“What about it?” Xiang Qing’s hands were injured by my sharp claws, and his blood flowed down continuously. He seemed to have come to a sudden realization and began smearing his own blood onto the Su Mei sword. The originally dull sword began to emit a brightness from within, shooting straight up into the sky.

Xiang Qing was startled for a moment, but he had soon recovered from this shock and delve a dagger deep into his arms. This freshly drawn blood had caused the Duo Bao armor and Su Mei sword to glow violently red, completely surrounding Xiang Qing. This display of power, was exactly the same as when I saw him for the first time, just as strong and just as powerful…..

Because of his unexpected transformation, I neglected the enemy before me and was struck by the halberd. Xiang Qing hurriedly rushed over and brought me into his embrace, his speed not lacking in the least. I could feel the broken bones from that single impact, however, I did not mind the pain and only reminded, “Finished… this, you probably won’t be able to return to the Heavenly Realm again…..”

“Even if I can’t return, it doesn’t matter!” Xiang Qing gently placed me down, but in a split second, his expression had become indifferent and cold as ice. He brandished his sword and collided with the demonic beast in all directions.

Like sand flying about and stones hurtling through the air, they exchanged dozens of strokes. Due to a lack of experience using this newfound ability, Xiang Qing could not control its power freely. Noticing that Xiang Qing had received several injuries, I wiped the blood from my mouth and readied myself to join the battle.

Without a soul, and only a deep everlasting hatred as his singular weapon, a demon who is unafraid of pain nor death. All of his essentials, his head, his neck, his abdomen have all been stabbed at least once, but unfortunately none of them contained his weak point and none of them could slow his pace of attack.

“Pay attention to where his weakness is!” Xiang Qing loudly commanded, his face was covered in cold sweat. The sword in his hand continued to move frantically against the demon’s body in search of its weak point. Hearing his serious tone of voice, I earnestly began to search up and down the demon’s body to find its weakness.

“Do not hesitate!” Xiang Qing gave another order.

What are those words suppose to mean? No matter the meaning, Shifu once said that if there’s something you must do, then you should do it. Despite not having not found its weak point, I decisively pounced onto that demon and grabbed onto its head.

Out of the blues, a small dark figure flew onto the demon’s back. A sharp dagger quickly pierced through its third posterior vertebrae, causing it to let out a howling cry as it fell to the ground. That little figure was actually Xiao Mao. He stood atop the demon’s body, revealing a proud grin.

“Well done.” Xiang Qing’s entire person appeared exhausted. He sat down to take a glance at Xiao Mao, and smiled, “Indeed worthy to be my child.”

“Speak less of your flattery!” Xiao Mao crossed his hands, his face full of disdain, “Taking this long to defeat such a monster, you are still not worthy to be my father yet.”

“How about we exchange a few strokes?” Xiang Qing was very proud of his new awakened power.

“Then let’s have another duel and see who is the true victor.” Xiao Mao didn’t want to be outdone.

“Meow woo~…..” I let out a cry to give everyone a reminder as I felt like I was about to be forgotten.

Xiang Qing turned his around in surprise, quickly got up, and ran over. He hesitantly opened his mouth several times to say something, but in the end, he only asked, “Are you well?”

“I’m well, I’m well!” Broken bones will naturally mend themselves so I waved my paws to show that I was lively and full of energy.

Xiang Qing didn’t say anything, he bent down and tore his robes, and wrapped them around my wounds in silence.

“Are you still angry?” I cautiously asked. Seeing no reaction, I began to apologize, “I’m sorry, Miao Miao didn’t mean to lie to you…..”

Xiao Mao came up to me and gave me a hug. He stuck out his tongue and gently gave the wounds on my face a lick, “What are you apologizing for? If that bastard knew you were a demon, then he would’ve kept a distance of at ten streets away from you. He probably wouldn’t even give you the opportunity to approach him.”

“I…..those words speak the truth.” Xiang Qing wanted to continue speaking, but only sighed and continued his silence.

“My words aren’t wrong, right?” Xiao Mao shook his ears, and said to him, “You better think carefully, even if my mother is a demon, she is the cutest and most loving person in the entire world without a second. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll regret for a lifetime!”

“Nonsense.” I was afraid Xiang Qing would be unhappy and hurriedly condemned Xiao Mao.

The sky slowly turned to day and the light of dawn gradually diffused into the air. The retreat of the demons from Maoshan Sect left behind an air of quietness, even the sound of insects could not be heard. Xiang Qing’s body was covered with blood and his hair stuck together like hay. His appearance was very fatigued, his hands had also unconsciously fiddled with the dust on the ground. After a long while, he let out the words, “Let it pass…..”

I began to panic at the sound of these words and grabbed onto his clothes urging, “You want to abandon me? You’ve decided you don’t want me anymore?”

Xiao Mao’s swinging tail ceased its movements, his expression has also turned stiff like a rock. There was some tension in his eyes as he stared at Xiang Qing.

“I want you.” Xiang Qing extended his hands and gently traced them around my ears. His mouth bore a smile that was even warmer than the sun, gradually illuminating the darkness from within my heart. As if a fish had met with water, and cat meets fish. Those moving words of his reverberated throughout my body.

I think I should be laughing and smiling right now, but the corner’s of my mouth weren’t cooperating. I really couldn’t hold it in anymore and began crying, crying away five hundred years of loneliness, crying away five hundred years of grievances, and crying away five hundred years of longing. As if with these tears, you could wash away all the pain.

From now on, I won’t need anything extravagant, and I won’t ask for anything more. I just want this moment to last forever.

“Miao Miao, don’t cry.” Xiang Qing tightly held me in his embrace and awkwardly gave my back a pat. Thinking about it now, he was never too good at comforting others, but this was already enough. I understood his heart, this embrace contained within it is all of his love from him to me.

Crying and laughing, Xiao Mao standing next to us clamored. From time to time, he would let out shrieks of pain so that I would give his injuries a look and blow on it a little. My ribs were still in pain from earlier. Xiang Qing became a little embarrassed as he opened my clothes to dress the wounds.

All of a sudden, a murderous air was felt in the early morning atmosphere. When I raised my head, one hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and their leader Haiyang had blotted out the sky.

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