Meow Meow Meow Chapter 137

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Chapter 137 – Going Home

The sky was so densely covered up that even the sun couldn’t be seen. I knit my brows and gave a frown. With a sword in his hand, Haiyang slowly descended from a cloud, and then hurried before Xiang Qing.

Xiang Qing cautiously took a step back, and then whispered to me, “It must be because I’ve awakened my divine powers, they’re here to arrest me for breaking the heavenly laws, right?”

I blankly shook my head to indicate that I didn’t know anything. Xiao Mao ran over to me and cast me a glance, “Didn’t you tell Uncle Jian Nan to request for some soldiers?”

There seemed to be such a thing, but I completely forgot about it once the demonic beast had died. I was about to tell that useless guy to leave so he wouldn’t hinder our reunion.

But I didn’t expect that bastard Haiyang would suddenly cry aloud and fiercely throw himself onto Xiang Qing. He rubbed his face against Xiang Qing’s clothes as his tears and snot continued to flow down. His mouth cried out, “Lord Shen Jun, your lieutenant really misses you! I really miss you to death!”

Hateful! Is Xiang Qing’s chest a place someone like you can hold onto? Does that bastard even consider my position? In anger, I rushed forward, grabbed his pants, and then cursed as I tried to drag him away, “You’re not allowed to touch! Only I can embrace him! You shameless smelly man!”

Haiyang clung onto his waist, unwilling to let go. He stretched his legs forward wanting to kick me away and create an opening in my monopoly, “I haven’t seen him for so many years, just let me and Lord Shen Jun have a heart to heart talk. You can just squat aside.”

His armor and his thighs have already been bitten by me, and his pants were pulled half way down. Unexpectedly, another seven or eight men rushed forward and pushed me aside. All of them held onto Xiang Qing and then loudly greeted together, “General, we miss you a lot!”

The group of men, one after another, jumped on top of Xiang Qing. Even his face had become purple from all of their combined weight, they really are too much…..

“Stop causing mischief!” Xiang Qing finally could not help but utter a roar, pushing away the men hanging onto him. With an earnest expression, he very seriously asked, “Who are you people?”

Haiyang and the others hastened to jump up. He gave a military salute and said, “I was once Lord Shen Jun’s lieutenant general.”

“I no longer remember those things.” Xiang Qing waved his hands to show that he had no intentions of getting involved with his past ties, “You should return.”

“No…..” Haiyang had a difficult expression, he lowered his head and gave a bow to Xiang Qing, “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“At that time…..if I had planned accordingly. And if I didn’t fall for Yao Yang’s trap, then Lord Shen Jun wouldn’t need to suffer in the Mortal Realm and wouldn’t need to be separated from his beloved wife for many years.” Haiyang’s expression was full of guilt.

“I’ve already forgotten.” Xiang Qing shook his head.

“But, I’m unable to forget.” Haiyang stood up straight, and loudly said, “Although the Heavenly Realm did not place me at fault, but my heart is restless and uneasy.”

“I’m just Xiang Qing, I cannot remember the past, and I’m only a mere mortal.” Xiang Qing sincerely stared at the man in front of him, sighed, and said, “But, I think that any mistakes made during work, the only one you can blame for it is yourself. Other people shouldn’t be held accountable for one’s mistakes. You are only responsible for your own duties, and by completing them, that is enough.”

“I will work very hard! Your lieutenant has accumulated merits and has been promoted to rank of general now! My duties include guarding against the Demon Realm and keeping peace in the Four Seas, please be at ease Lord Shen Jun!” Haiyaing boasted. The corners of his eyes contained traces of tear drops.

Xiang Qing gave his should a pat, nodding his head.

“That’s right, where’s that beast that dares offend Lord Shen Jun?” Haiyang turned around and looked around, “Please bring me to where that eyesore is so that I can cut him to pieces!”



“You guys can return.” I hastened to reply, wanting to kick this meddling guy away.

“But I haven’t even shown my powers to Lord Shen Jun yet!” Haiyang voice contained disappointment.

From the distance, Jian Nan was hurrying over to where we were while riding the Hellhound, he sighed with relief, “Fortunately nothing happened to you guys.”

Haiyang reluctantly gave his farewells and parted ways with Xiang Qing. In an instant, the hundreds of thousands of heavenly soldiers have dispersed, revealing the cloudless sky once again.

I smiled, I was holding Xiang Qing’s hand in my left hand, while in my right hand, I was holding Xiao Mao’s hand.

Xiang Qing seemed to have suddenly remembered something, he opened his mouth and asked, “Where’s Third Martial Uncle?”

Ah, that old man? I slowly began to recall…..I stared with unease to the far side of the wall. Xiang Qing immediately turned in the direction of my gaze, and then let out a pitiful shout, “Martial Uncle! Are you still well?” After taking several paces, he walked back towards me, grabbed onto my ears and tail, and ordered, “You and Xiao Mao should change back. Don’t reveal you demon form, otherwise you might scare away Third Martial Uncle.”

I obediently changed back to my human form, and followed him to where Third Martial Uncle was. That old man has a very strong life force, to actually be still alive, I’m amazed. He still had the energy to say, “Xiang…..Xiang Qing…..”

Xiang Qing held onto his hand, and worriedly replied, “I’m here.”

“This old man… going to die soon…..”

“Martial Uncle has such a large life force, so don’t say such ominous words.” Xiang Qing moved closer to help him take care of his wounds, he knit his brows and said, “Your body is already covered in wounds, but to have so many broken bones and fractures as well, that monster really is vicious.”

Third Martial Uncle turned to give me a glance, his eyes giving me chills to the hairs on my body. I hurriedly approached the old fart, “I’ll go look for some medicinal pills or immortal grass for you…..”

“Hmph, cat weeps for mouse*…..” Third Martial Uncle replied.

*[TN]: “貓哭老鼠” literally means “Cat weeps for mouse”(because of sympathy or sadness), and everybody knows that cat is the mortal enemy of mouse so clearly this kind of emotion is deceptive and fake.

“I’m not weeping for a mouse, but for you!” I gave him a very cat-like smile.

Third Martial Uncle held onto his wounds and injuries as he started a coughing fit. His raised his trembling fingers and scolded, “You foolish idiot!”

Since his voice is so loud and vibrant, then he definitely won’t be dying anytime soon. But just in case, I’ll go bring Mo’lin here to take a look at him and help prescribe some medicine for the old man so that Xiang Qing wouldn’t place the blame on me if he does actually die.

Soon, the rest of Maoshan Sect’s people have come rushing in with weapons in their hands. Seeing the demon’s body lay on the ground and that weren’t too seriously hurt, they began rejoicing. Wu Daochang kept asking if it was the heavenly soldiers that lent a hand in rescuing Maoshan Sect.

As I was about to give a reply, Xiao Mao from behind gave me a kick and Xiang Qing took several steps in front of me to block me from saying anything. Those two said in unison that it was the heavenly soldiers that defeated and killed the demon, saving Maoshan Sect from disaster.

Wu Daochang gratefully led the crowd to kneel on the ground to thank the heavens. He said that they must rebuild Maoshan Sect with a few more temples to express their gratitude for the gods.

He then turned back to Xiang Qing to reclaim the Su Mei sword and Duo Bao armor, saying that such precious treasures shouldn’t be in his possession. I originally wanted to protest, but Xiang Qing only returned the items with a smile, and he doesn’t need them anymore and that we should just let Wu Daochang be.

After sending Third Martial Uncle back to his room to recover from his injuries, Xiang Qing and I took a stroll around. The buildings in Maoshan Sect have been damaged beyond repair and many disciples have returned home to recuperate. The female dormitory has also become rubble. I didn’t know where I could stay anymore.

As I was thinking about this annoyance, Xiang Qing smiled, pulled me closer, and gently asked, “How about you come home with me? You can meet my mother and also facilitate yourself with our home.”

“Your mother? We’re…..we’re going to meet your mother?”

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