Meow Meow Meow Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 – Dowry Of A Thousand Gold

Seeing the mother-in-law wake up, Xiang Qing hurried next to her bedside to service her. I also dared not neglect my duties, and had also hurried next to her bed.

The mother-in-law looked at me, and then sighed. Tears had begun streaming down her face non-stop, she held Xiang Qing’s hands and said with disappointment, “How could you do that kind of stupid thing? You’ve ruined the future of two girls…..although our Xiang Family is poor, but our ancestors were once scholars. Do you know your shame? You…..tell me, how do you want me to face your father in the future?”

I wanted to ask if we should directly ask the King of Hell in the Nether Realm for Xiang Qing’s dad’s spirit…..but then I thought, if such a long time has passed, he probably may have already reincarnated and it’s already too late.

“This child is unfilial, doing this kind of foolish thing, please punish your unfilial son accordingly.” Xiang Qing remorsefully knelt to the ground, “Miao Miao really is innocent. She alone raised the child for so long, her life must’ve been difficult, so please don’t blame her Mother.”

“But how do you want me to explain to the Ye Family?” Mother-in-law wiped her tears with her sleeves, “We’ve already sent over the dowry, and all the neighbors have already been informed. This damage to the Ye Family’s daughter, how is she going to lift her head to the public?”

The sister-in-law came through the curtains with a pot of hot water in her hands. She placed it the pot of water onto a stool, wrung a towel, and helped wipe away the tears and sweat on mother-in-laws forehead. She turned her head and glared at Xiang Qing and I, and then angrily said, “Without permission of one’s parents and without the words of a marriage official, what kind of marriage is that? There are rules and standards in every place and country, what’s so difficult about becoming a mistress?”

“What is a mistress?” I was baffled. Seeing her unapproving expression, I felt a little uneasy.

Sister-in-law was surprised by my question, she hesitated a bit before replying, “It’s like a little wife.”

“Being a mistress, does that mean Xiang Qing and I can’t be together?” I continued to ask.

“You can, but it’s just that your status is lower.” Sister-in-law blankly stared at me as she spoke.

“Like this, Xiang Qing won’t have to lose face and won’t have to be curse at?”

“Yes…..yes, it is…..”

I immediately conjured a smile and said, “Then Miao Miao is fine being a mistress.”

“Are you an idiot?!” Xiang Qing jumped up from the ground with anger. He grabbed onto my ear, and loudly scolded, “Don’t you know that a mistress has no status and everyone can bully you around? If I’m going to marry you, then you are to marry me as my wife, not some lowly and lesser mistress!”

His eyes were like spitting fire. I hurriedly went forward to reflect on my mistakes, “I don’t want to be a mistress anymore so don’t be angry…..”

Fuming with anger, Xiang Qing faced sister-in-law and said, “If Miao Miao is going to be a mistress, then Xiang Qing will never in this entire lifetime marry a wife.”

“You…..” Sister-in-law was unhappy with Xiang Qing’s answer, “How are you going to give an explanation to the Ye Family, and how do you want us to continue living in this village?”

Mother-in-law couldn’t help but add in, “I don’t hate this Miao Miao girl, after all, she’s given our Xiang Family a precious grandson. Although this can be considered a great merit, we also have to take into account the face of our ancestors, we can’t act rashly.”

“I understand,” Xiang Qing took in a deep breath to gather his thoughts, “The fault lies within myself. Tomorrow I will make a trip to the Ye Family’s residence and explain everything to the Ye Family’s old master, and then decide on what to do.”

“What if they refuse to break off this marriage?” Mother-in-law anxiously asked.

“After all, Miao Miao and I have feelings of mutual affection. If the old master refuses, I will kneel outside his family’s home until he’s willing to accept my apology.” Xiang Qing’s voice was very firm.

“Why are you so stubborn? Even Miao Miao has agreed to become your mistress.” Sister-in-law was restless.

“Even if she agrees, that doesn’t mean I will agree. My heart only has Miao Miao. I will only be obstructing her happiness if I marry the Ye Family’s daughter. So why would I?” Xiang Qing’s serious reply made my heart feel warm and fuzzy.

The atmosphere was tense. Mother-in-law and sister-in-law wanted to say something, but the curtain from behind suddenly flickered. A cuddly and cute child with a grin on its face came in and greeted, “Is the old grandma on the bed my grandmother?”

“Xiao Mao, leave now.” Seeing it was my own son, I hastened to order, “Adults are talking here, how can you be so rude?”

“Who allowed you to tell my grandson to leave?” Mother-in-law suddenly sat up straight, her eyes were radiant and shining as she caught sight of Xiao Mao, “This child… no different from how Xiang Qing looked when he was young.”

Of course they’re alike, after all, Xiang Qing is Bi Qingshen Jun’s reincarnation. While Xiao Mao did inherit most of his father’s features, his little eyes and expression appeared more lively and crafty. Anyone who sees them together would without a doubt recognize them as father and son.

Xiao Mao cutely gave me a wink and then walked towards mother-in-law. He then put on a grief-stricken expression, and sadly questioned, “Does grandmother not want me… want to kick mother and I out…..”

“Nonsense! Even if grandmother kicks out that unfilial son Xiang Qing, I will definitely not want my grandson to go!” Mother-in-laws attitude took a sharp turn. She seemed to have forgotten everything just now and focused all her attention on Xiao Mao, “So many years you’ve suffered…..”

“This…..” There was a hint of guilt on sister-in-law’s face as she glanced at the adorable Xiao Mao.

Xiao Mao walked up to her, gave her clothing a little tug, and innocently said, “Xiao Mao lived in the mountains before, didn’t have a father, and didn’t have much relatives. I was always bullied and picked on by others. Now all of a sudden I have a father, a grandmother, and also gentle big sister. I feel like I’m dreaming right now.”

“Aiyo, I’m your aunt, not your big sister.” Sister-in-law’s face turned red and her tone of voice softened. She bent down to carefully take a look at Xiao Mao’s face, and then said with envy, “What a beautiful child, sister really is lucky, however I do not have this blessing…..”

“Aunty, in the future you’ll certainly give birth to a lovely little brother so that we can play together…..” Xiao Mao took the opportunity to act pitifully and act cutely. The two who were being persuaded by his act couldn’t wait for him to move in and live together with them. Before long, the problem with Xiang Qing and I have already been forgotten.

Son, well done in helping your mother avoid this obstacle. From outside the door arrived the voice of Yin Zi’s greeting. When he walked inside, he brought along with him two golden chests, one for sister-in-law and one for mother-in-law.

Her expression changed as she opened the chests, she stammered and said, “Why…..why is there so much gold?”

Yin Zi took several steps forward and laughed, “Although our Hua Family isn’t as glorious as it once had been, our ancestor’s were relatively wealthy. There aren’t many members of the Hua Family left, just Miao Miao and I. We were left with a very large house which was very bleak and empty as well. When Miao Miao marries into the Xiang Family, all of her property and inheritance should naturally be accompanied with the dowry.”

“This…..all this gold is Miao Miao’s dowry?” Sister-in-law’s eyes were opened wide, “This much?”

“Yes,” Yin Zi nodded his head to confirm. He raised his head up and said in a naive voice, “Since we don’t have any family, and now Miao Miao’s found a good husband, this is a joyous event is worth celebrating. And since everyone is now family, it doesn’t matter whose hand this money is in.”

“Then…..then when is the wedding?” Sister-in-law appeared to still be in a trance.

“The Xiang Family doesn’t need to rely on the daughter-in-law’s money to live.” Mother-in-law pushed the golden chests back, her tone appeared at ease, “But I’ll keep these for the sake of my grandson’s well being, Xiang Qing will personally deal with the matter regarding the Ye Family.”

“Understood.” Xiang Qing was also in a trance. His expression wasn’t too good either. He quickly agreed to his mother’s words, and then dragged me outside for a detailed interrogation.

Yin Zi silently revealed a cunning smile as he retreated, leaving Xiao Mao all alone.

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