Meow Meow Meow Chapter 141

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Chapter 141 – Virtuous And Leisurely 

“How can you have so much money?” Xiang Qing appeared a little embarrassed.

How would I know how much money I have? I immediately turned my head and gave Yin Zi a glance. Yin Zi whispered with dissatisfaction, “Who do you think you’re glaring at? This is all my private savings!”

“Your words don’t make any sense,” I quickly drew up an argument, “Normally when Xiao Mao accompanies you to earn money by beating monsters, and when you receive yearly tributes from local demons, shouldn’t I also have a fair share? Why is it that all the money goes to you?”

“I don’t care, at the time I asked whether he wanted any and that if he didn’t, then it would all belong to myself. The family budget is also very expensive, and in recent years, we are even trying to make ends meet. You’re a dumbass who only knows how to eat and sleep, and then eat again after waking up. When Ao Yun and other guests visits, we also need to choose good food and drinks to welcome them with. Typically, with regards to matters such as household affairs, you would barely bat an eyelash on it. Do you know the difficulties of running a household?” Yin Zi raised his head to look at Xiang Qing and then slyly smiled, “Anyway, I’ve almost become a penniless hobo and I’ve even taken my private savings to save you. How are you going to repay me?”

I was helpless and unable to reply under Yin Zi’s barrage of questions. Xiang Qing gave a breath of relief and said with gratitude, “I will repay you.”

“Do you have the ability to repay me?” Yin Zi scoffed.

Xiang Qing’s expression was extremely stern, “I will repay you for sure.”

“I’m just afraid you’ll go back on your words.” Yin Zi walked towards the bamboo chair next to the door and sat down with his legs crossed. He appeared as if he was some kind of debt collector trying to take money from the tenant.

“I can write you a contract.” The tenant Xiang Qing was very helpless.

Yin Zi was unrelenting, “The most important problem right now is that I’m about to starve to death, what should I do?”

“I…..I will go back and ask my sister-in-law and mother to return the money…..” Xiang Qing appeared particularly guilty. He immediately turned around and headed back inside the house.

Yin Zi hurriedly grabbed a hold of him, changed his expression, and said with a smile, “Taking back things you’ve given away isn’t really a good idea. And plus, Miao Miao is quite stupid, if we make things difficult for the mother-in-law and sister-in-law, I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult for Miao Miao to live in harmony with them in the future.”

“Then how do you want to solve it?” Xiang Qing’s paces hesitantly came to a halt. He looked at Yin Zi, confused.

Yin Zi gave a pat to his shoulder, and the blatantly exposed his true intentions, “I don’t want to make it difficult for you either since we’re all family now. How about I move in with you guys, you just have to be responsible for my living expenses.”

“You’re also a demon, right?”Xiang Qing earnestly gave him a good glance up and down.

“That is correct. I’m a cute and lovely crow demon that has always been vegetarian, never supported evil, and have always sided with the good.” Yin Zi’s smile was very bright. This kind of smile was exactly like the smiles he’d give when he went to cheat other demons of their precious gems and treasures.

“I’m just afraid that you’ll scare other people in your demon form.” Xiang Qing didn’t have too much doubt, therefore I also dropped my suspicion.

“I’m a demon from Immortal Mo’lin’s household who has descended from the Heavenly Realm. How can such an honorable being such as myself casually change into my demon form just to scare mere mortals? You think too much.”

I cautiously added, “If you’re still worried, then I can go out less…..”

Xiang Qing pondered for a moment as Yin Zi gave a suggestion, “The most likely one to expose anything is this stupid cat, but I’ll be keeping an eye on her so you don’t need to worry. Don’t think anymore, and let’s just go with this.”

“I heard that Huang Family’s son living on the outskirts of town is ready to move out. I saved up a few silvers so I’ll be able to buy the house. It’s a bit further away from the other villagers so we probably won’t be found out that easily.” Xiang Qing discussed all sorts of plans with us, and finally made up his mind, “After I go and break off the marriage arrangement from the Ye Family tomorrow, I’ll go to Maoshan Sect and complete some important missions. Because of my newly awakened strength, completing the missions will also be easier. Earning a bit of money and feeding you guys shouldn’t be a problem.”

Hearing these words, Yin Zi and I both gave our praises, “Very good, very good.”

Xiang Qing softly touched my head, and then headed into the house to discuss some things with his mother. I grabbed onto Yin Zi and asked, “Are we really going to become penniless? Didn’t we have a lot of gems at home? Then could it be that a powerful monster bullied you and took all your treasures?”

“Nonsense,” Yin Zi gave me a haughty glance, “How can I casually give away those sacred gems for a mortal to spend? Money I indeed have a lot, but I was only able to take out so much given such short notice. If I suddenly took out so much, won’t the other villagers be suspicious? Won’t they try to investigate our backgrounds? It will be quite troublesome if things reach that point. And that big block head of a man, would he be willing to accept such a large sum?”

Well, I finally understand, the truth is Xiang Qing has been cheated…..but that does not matter, this truth is still better than the reality of the matter.

Everything had unexpectedly become smooth and easy-going. Yin Zi had gone back home to pack and bring over the luggage. Due to Xiao Mao’s sweet words and playful acting, mother-in-law couldn’t wait until her grandson would be able to stay with her. Looking at Xiao Mao, there was some worry in my heart. That child still has another 300 years before he grows up, if he stays so little for so long, won’t mother-in-law feel a little suspicious…..

Hearing Xiao Mao call him Father, Xiang Qing was also very pleased. After dinner as I was about to continue watching them exchange their feelings, Xiao Mao suddenly flung away his hands and said, “I’m only calling you Father because I don’t want Mother to be upset, you’re absolutely not allowed to eat Mother’s tofu(bean curd)! You’re also not allowed to kiss or hug! Otherwise I won’t forgive you!”

This silly child, I’m not a bean so where would he find tofu(bean curd) to eat? Moreover, tofu isn’t even good.

Xiang Qing’s smile was very stiff. There seemed to be a warm spark as their eyes met, and very soon, they were headed up the nearby mountains for martial arts practice.

I didn’t want to hinder the exchange between father and son. I just wanted to find a good place to sleep, however, I was stopped by mother-in-law who had just finished washing the dishes. She swept me a few glances, and then very seriously asked, “What are you planning to do?”

“Sleep.” I hurriedly nodded my head.

“So early when the sun is still up?” Mother-in-law was very surprised, but continued to ask, “Normally are you good with needle and thread work?”

“Sweeping and laundering?”

“Are you able to do farm work and feed the swine?”

“How about house and book keeping?”

“Then…..then are you able to cook? You should be able to, right?”

“No…..” Every time I answered with a no, mother-in-law’s expression would become more unpleasant than before. I could vaguely feel that something was wrong, but I didn’t know what she was angry about. Sensing an ill omen, I no longer dared to continue answering.

“Miss Miao Miao, my requirements for a daughter-in-law isn’t very high, but…..this…..this should be a given for all woman. Are you not even able to cook rice? What would Qing’er come home and eat every day? Should he go and eat other people’s rice then?” Mother-in-law’s voice was full of dissatisfaction.

“I can! Of course I know how to cook rice!” I finally understood the reasons for her dissatisfaction. With a refreshed mind, I patted my chest to ensure, “I am definitely a virtuous woman! Super virtuous! The most virtuous in the entire world! My cooking will be the absolute best!”

“Really?” Mother-in-law was a bit shaken by my loud voice and took two steps back, her face appeared as if she didn’t believe me, “Then tomorrow’s dinner will be prepared by you. Let us give your skills a taste.”

“Rest assured! It will definitely be delicious!” I answered firmly, however, my heart was wavering…..

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