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Chapter 142 – Delicious Delicacies

My life in the kitchen only amount to the times I’ve stolen food and nothing more. If you suddenly ask me to cook, it is a bit difficult. But words that you’ve said, can’t be taken back. In addition, the facts that mother-in-law have mentioned are really justified. As his wife, if I’m unable to even cook for him when he’s hungry, does that sound correct?

As a smart and thoughtful cat, I absolutely can’t let my beloved husband go hungry. No matter what, I must cook this meal, and it can’t be anything simple, it must be worthy of praise from everyone’s mouths!

But…..what does he love to eat?

In the past, Bi Qingshen Jun only ate fruits and never once touched firewood. But after his reincarnation, he seems to have begun eating ordinary food that mortals eat. He didn’t seem like a picky eater, and would eat whatever was given to him.

In my heart, Xiang Qing isn’t just a mere mortal, therefore, I naturally can’t feed him any ordinary food. It must be the world’s most precious, and the most delicious, only worthy of his identity!

But…..what kind of food is that?

It must definitely be fish, the world’s most delicious food! I raised my fist at the sky with determination, tomorrow I will cook the most spectacular meal for everyone! To show my virtues!

I quietly squat by a haystack as I imagined Xiang Qing’s joyous and wondrous expression as he tastes my food. As dusk slowly approached, I hastened to outside to gather the necessary ingredients for my dishes.

As I hastened to leave, Xiang Qing who had been chopping firewood ceased his actions and questioned, “Where are you going?”

“Looking for…..nothing.” I forcibly suppressed the words that had come out from my mouth, deciding to give him a surprise tomorrow, “I’m going to take a trip to Luoying Mountain to pack a few things, I’ll be back by tomorrow.”

“The night is quickly approaching, there may be robbers and bandits along the way. Is it not too safe to leave at this time?” Xiang Qing’s voice contained some worry.

I glanced at the sky, and then hesitantly asked, “Are asking whether it will be safe or not for the robbers and bandits or are you asking about my safety?”

“Forget it…..the earlier you go, the earlier you return.”

I didn’t waste any time, and flew like lightning the entire way. After two hours, I’ve finally arrived at the gates of Hua Residence. My purpose here today was to retrieve the Hellhound as well as grabbing a few Water Pearls. Seeing me rush inside in a frenzy, Wawa worriedly asked several times what was the matter.

I had no time to discuss this matter and only left behind a message, that I would be back immediately after I finished some business in the East Sea.

Nightfall had long arrived. The ocean breeze churned and beat the water, transmitting the scent of the sea throughout. The white colored waves violently slam against the cliffs, creating large and explosive splashes of water droplets. A few seagulls were also seen flying in the distance towards the horizon letting out sharp cries.

I ordered the Hellhound to stay put by the seaside, grabbed onto the Water Pearls, took a deep breath and then headed into the sea. Noticing that the surrounding water had instinctively split apart, I treaded deeper into the ocean.

Many curious fish and sea creatures encircled me. They seemed to have notice a feline scent on my body before quickly dispersing. The scenery consisted of luscious green seaweed softly fluttering between reefs of red and different colored coral. As usual, I had no interest in ordinary fish and shrimp. My goal was simple, and that was to obtain the thorny skatefish, the rarest and most cunning fish that can only be found in the East Sea. Although it was troublesome to catch, but I believe that to make the most delicious dish, you must find the best ingredients!

I searched up and down through the entire East Sea, only finding some common and ordinary fish, and not even seeing a shadow of this thorny skatefish. I dove deeper and deeper in search of this treasure. In the depths of the sea, I came across a terrace filled with bright lights. I secretly approached the terrace that appeared to be full of monsters from the Water Tribe and was bustling with activity and liveliness.

Heavenly music fluttered about, and the decor within was extravagant and lavish. The number of beautiful fish and shelled woman who carried lanterns made from shining night pearls were plentiful. They stood atop a large coral platform as they performed their talents. Many of the males burst into waves of applause, showering the performers with many pearls and riches.

I hid myself in a corner, observing for a very long time and not knowing what to do. Eventually, among the crowds, I spot a familiar figure on the stage playing the guqin. It appeared to be Hua Rong, the girl from Qi Feng Lou. I seemed to recall that Ao Yun had taken her in and healed her scar. Her beautiful and mesmerizing appearance was still the exact same as it had always been, smiling, her eyes only drifting to a certain location.

I glanced in the direction of her line of sight and surprising discovered that stupid jerk Ao Yun. That bastard sat down in a dragon seat made of gold happily watching the performances on the stage. Next to him were two beauties who replenished his tea and peeled grapes for him, truly spoiled.

My heart felt a little troubled seeing this scene, thus I quietly walked over, and then mercilessly gave his long red hair a yank. Ao Yun grunted in pain, turning his head in anger. Seeing that it was me, he immediately changed his expression and smiled, “Miao Miao, you’ve finally thought about me?”

“Third Prince, who is that woman?” The two beauties seemed to be unhappy and stuck to Ao Yun’s two arms like glue.

“You two leave!” Ao Yun impatiently threw them off to one side, and then turned and said to me cheerfully, “Today is the Sea King’s annual beauty pageant, have you come to participate?”

“I don’t have leisure time.” I knit my brows, brushed his hands off, and rejected his idea without a thought.

“Then you’re not here to see me?” Ao Yun gave a look of disappointment.

I thought of the purpose of my trip, and quickly asked him, “Where can I find the thorned skatefish?”

“Then you’re here to fulfill your gluttony?” Ao Yun smiled, shook his head, and then touched my ears, “How did that stingy guy Bi Qingshen Jun allow you to come here by yourself?”

“He’s called Xiang Qing now, I need to cook a meal for him that’s why I’m here.”

“You can cook?”


Ao Yun didn’t appear to believe my words and asked once more, “You can cook?”

“I can!” I replied without hesitation, however, my heart was distressed over how I’ll cover up my lie…..

Ao Yun asked again, “You’re only here because you want to cook for Xiang Qing?”

I joyfully nod my head.

“The thorned skatefish…..” Ao Yun rubbed his chin, and said with anguish, “Recently the fish seems to have disappeared, it will be quite difficult searching for it.”

I began to panic and grabbed a hold of his hands, “Tell me the place, I’ll go look carefully.”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to find it,” The tone of Ao Yun’s voice was very sorry and sorrowful, he thought for a moment and then made another suggestion, “How about you participate in this beauty pageant? The prize of this competition is the thorny skatefish!”

“Meow woo~, I’m not talented in the areas of arts and music…..” I was aware of my own abilities.

Ao Yun shook his head indifferently, dispelling my concerns, “As long as you participate and perform a little, then you’ll receive a prize. Go and give it a try, I’ll support you from below.”

The two beauties off to the side wanted to say something, but with a single glare from Ao Yun, they remained silent.

I raised my head up to look at the various dance and music performances. My heart was extremely unwilling, but I must cook by tomorrow, even a skilled cat would be placed in a troublesome situation…..I bit my lips and reluctantly agreed to Ao Yun’s tragic body display proposal.

Ao Yun happily sent an application for the registration procedures on my behalf.

I sat down and placed my hands on my cheeks as I thought about what kind of talents I could show.




Don’t know.


Absolutely not.

Wait a second…..I recalled in a book that Luo Sha once showed me there were diagrams of a woman dancing on a pole. The movements were really simple, all the movements were either composed of twisting the body or kicking the legs. At the time, Jin Wen and I studied this in detailed for a very long period. She said that men will definitely like this sort of thing, and that I must show Bi Qingshen Jun in the future, but before I was able to show him, he left me. How could I forget about such a thing…..

Why don’t I just do this bamboo pole dance? Although it was simple, it’s fine as long as I don’t embarass myself.

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