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Meow Meow Meow Chapter 129

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Chapter 129 – Caught Red-Handed

I carefully and cautiously led Xiao Mao over the wall, and guided him towards Xiang Qing’s room. Along the way, we resisted the temptations of One Hundred And Thiry-Seventh Senior Brothers dried fish flakes as well as Aunty Shang’s roasted chicken, finally arriving at our destination.

Spring had long passed, and the leaves of the apricot tree above us had already begun withering and falling. As I was about to pounce into Xiang Qing’s room, a very beautiful girl had slyly entered holding something suspicious in her hands.

Not good, someone wants to steal! An alarm sounded within my mind, and I immediately wanted to hurry over and fight the evil force, wanting to rescue Xiang Qing in my arms. This kind of performance would surely win his heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 128

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Chapter 128 – Being A Step Father Is Rather Difficult

“Mother, I’ve been looking for you all this time.” Two streams of tears rolled down Xiao Mao’s face. I hurriedly embraced my own child, and desperately explained the current situation to him. I let him know that his father has been found and that we could live together like in the past.

Xiao Mao lifted his innocent eyes, sluggishly pulled at Xiang Qing’s sleeves, and said, “Are you really my father? Will you buy me delicious food and play with me? Will you tuck in my blankets in the middle of the night? Will you hit or scold me?”

“Yes, of course your father will!” I remembered Yin Zi had said that a father will also love his son dearly, that means Xiang will also really adore Xiao Mao. Read the rest of this entry »

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 – Gazing Deep

His eyes were no longer a deep emerald green, they were now pitch black and as dark as the night sky. At the same time, they were gentle, beautiful, and very warm.

He smiled as he called me a fool, but the tone of his voice was full of worry and concern. This reminded me of how in the past Bi Qingshen Jun would smile as he held my hand while he taught me how to write, and laughed while calling me stupid.

His and my hands were clasped together, his rough and my delicate fingers tightly intertwined. I heard that human fingers were linked to the heart, this must mean that Shifu’s and my heart are linked together. Read the rest of this entry »

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 126

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Chapter 126 – A Duel Between Men

“Junior Sister isn’t an object, how can we make a wager over her?” Xiang Qing was extremely disapproving of Seventh Senior Brother’s proposal.

Seventh Senior Brother slammed his fist onto the table causing the soup to spill. Fortunately for me, Xiang Qing had a quick reaction time, he grabbed hold of me and avoided soiling his own clothes.

The noise here attracted the attention of the other senior brothers. They gradually gathered around us to see what kind of interesting thing was going to happen.

Xiang Qing was very embarrassed at this display, and angrily scolded, “Seventh Junior Brother, are you finished?! This display is too ugly!” Read the rest of this entry »

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 125

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Chapter 125 – The Real Rival Has Appeared

Because of this conflict, my suspect investigation came to an end.

Xiang Qing had always been a man of few words, every day he would leave in the dawn of morning and return by dusk in the name of earning money. I didn’t know why, but Yin Zi volunteered to take over the job of following Xiang Qing. The two would be away for entire days, leaving Miao Miao all alone. If not eating or drinking, I’d pass my days sleeping.

Speaking of which, the aunty at the dining hall has been treating me very well recently. Every time I went for my meals, she would pile my bowl high with rice, and even give me extra side dishes to enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 124

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Chapter 124 – I Don’t Dare Do Evil Deeds

“Big Boss! I really miss you!”

The large man shouted loudly. I readied my claws preparing to deliver the killing blow, but all of a sudden, that man had already thrown himself onto the ground kneeling. He rubbed his face against the hem of my skirt.

Who the hell is this bastard? Has my memory become even worse recently?

I clutched my head as I gave Yin Zi a stare. Yin Zi folded his arms, walked towards him to take a closer look, and lifted the man’s chin. After a moment of thought, he hesitantly asked, “You are that little tiger Xiao Huang?” Read the rest of this entry »

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 123

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Chapter 123 – What A Bold Demon

Xiang Qing neatly rolled his baggage and grabbed it to leave. I quickly took chase, but before I could even take several steps, a white shadow stopped in front of me — it was Yin Zi with an enraged expression.

“Meow woo~” I quickly rolled on the spot to expose my white belly to him.

Unfortunately, this move has been used too many times and is ineffective against Yin Zi raging fire. He heartlessly yanked my ears several times making me want to cry out in pain. Not just that, but he also grabbed me by the fur on my neck, and scolded, “You idiot, if I leave you alone for even a second, you will be making chaos!” Read the rest of this entry »