Meow Meow Meow Chapter 102

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Chapter 102 – Two Choices

The sky was still thunderous and electrifying, with my injured foot, it would probably be difficult to dodge. Seeing this, Bi Qingshen Jun immediately grabbed Yao Yang’s body to use as a shield for me.

“Ah stop it! You fools!” The lightning coursed through their bodies. Bi Qingshen Jun’s mouth was oozing with blood, and Yao Yang who could no longer take it finally compromised, “I’ll stop it! I’ll stop it!”

“Hurry up! Otherwise you can just die together with me!” Bi Qingshen Jun’s expression was grim, the pain seemed unbearable. As I was about to grab a hold of him, he quickly shouted, “Don’t touch me! Or else I’ll spank your butt!”

I had to obediently stand down, and watch worriedly at the turn of events.

“Three feet to the right, the willow tree over there is the key, shatter the tree and this lightning formation will stop.” Yao Yang sounded like he was on the verge of death.

Bi Qingshen Jun endured the lightning and was about to break the willow tree when suddenly, the other Yao Yang frantically cried out, “Don’t listen to him! He’s lying to you! If you destroy that willow tree, it will maximize the strength of the formation! A 100,000 arrows would be shot in all directions, and the rocks will bury us in an avalanche! Hurry and shatter the rock to the left! That is the real key!”

What is going on? Bi Qingshen Jun hesitated.

The first Yao Yang hastily shouted, “It’s the willow on the right! Believe me! I don’t want to die! My wife would be widowed!”

The other Yao Yang followed suit and shouted, “It’s the rock on the left! I still have a lot of beauties I haven’t sampled yet! No matter what, I can’t die here!”

“You’re too much of a sissy! Don’t try and pretend to be me!”

“You crazy asshat! Are you trying to kill everyone here along with you?”

“You bastard, you’re just courting death!”

“Even if you die, don’t drag me with you!”

On the right is the willow. On the left is the rock. Yao Yang’s body contains two souls, so which one is the cowardly and afraid of death persona, which one is speaking the truth?

Two choices in front of us, the correct choice will save us, and the wrong choice would kill us all.

Yao Yang has entered into a raging dispute with himself, not listening to any logic and or other people’s opinions.

Bi Qingshen Jun released his hold on the nearly collapsed Yao Yang. He knelt on one knee, looked at me, and shook his head in confusion.

“Miao Miao, you choose.” He told me.

After thinking about it, I prepared to choose the willow on the right, but before I could even express this thought, he suddenly changed his mind, “It’s better if I choose.”

Our minds thought alike. A sword quickly flew to the willow tree on the right cutting it in half.

The thunder came to a halt after the willow split in half. I happily jumped up and rushed into Bi Qingshen Jun’s arms. I rubbed my head against him to express my joy and also licked his lightning burns.

Bi Qingshen Jun gently lied down clutching his injuries, and said to Li Tianwang and Yang Jian, “After a quick break, I must trouble you two to bring us back.”

Li Tianwang simply nodded and smiled, but Yang Jian coldly said, “Although Yao Yang stopped this formation, we still need to take him back for punishment, we can’t let him go easy!”

Xiao Tian who was next to us hesitantly asked, “But Lord Shen Jun has already promised to let him go.”

“That was just an expedient measure. People associated with magic aren’t obligated to talk about commitments.” Yang Jian ordered his soldiers to clean up the scene, as well as helping me and Bi Qingshen Jun get back up.

Bi Qingshen Jun frowned as he was about to speak. Yao Yang who had been lying next to him, opened his eyes, looked at the blue sky and gently said, “500 years, I can finally be free.”

With this sentence, an intense fear swept through my mind. The sound of a ringing, and a thousand arrows shooting in all directions echoed in the air. All the soldiers within the vicinity were immediately wounded and rocks had begun tumbling down from the sides.

“Death is my only relief…..”

With the last words of Yao Yang, I was about to grab Bi Qingshen Jun and escape, but I was fiercely pushed into the ground and forcefully made to transform back into the form of a cat.

When I woke again, I was surrounded by darkness. I rubbed my eyes to restore my night vision, I looked all around, and found that Bi Qingshen Jun had placed me in his embrace. There were pockets of small space all around us, the air seemed to be dead and no longer flowed.

“Shifu! Shifu!” I quickly shouted.

Bi Qingshen Jun softly said, “I’m here…..”

Hearing his voice, my mind was more at peace. I then asked, “Why is it so dark around us? Are we trapped? Do we need to dig a way out?”

“Don’t dig, I carry on the back of me an entire mountain, I’m afraid any movements may cause another landslide.” He persevered, his breathing became shortened. He reassured, “Don’t be afraid, Li Tianwang and Yang Jian shouldn’t be hurt too much, they will find a way to get us out.”

“With Shifu here, Miao Miao isn’t afraid.” I rubbed my head against him.

“Mmm.” Bi Qingshen Jun didn’t seem to want to talk.

“This time Yao Yang should be dead, right? You won’t be punished by the Jade Emperor, right?” I suddenly remembered these words that I heard as I was imprisoned.

“No crime will fall on me.” Bi Qingshen Jun’s voice was as fine as a mosquito’s, “Don’t speak, breathe slowly.”

I didn’t understand why he didn’t want me to speak. I just felt as if the air supply was slowly dwindling, breathing becoming more and more difficult.

I don’t know how long has passed, but no one has come to rescue us yet. Gradually, breathing in and out became a scary feeling. I tightly hugged Bi Qingshen Jun.

“Miao Miao.” He said, his voice becoming hoarse, “I like you.”

“I also like Shifu!” That sentence of his made me feel very happy.

“Not like, it should be…..I love you…..” Bi Qingshen Jun hesitated for a long time just to say these three important words.

“Love, is it one step more advanced than like?” I looked up and stared at him in the dark in confusion.

“If…..if you are perhaps with my child,” Bi Qingshen Jun paused, then continued, “You must take good care of it, and you must take care of yourself, so don’t make me worry.”

I quickly patted him with my paws and reassured, “This is of course! Miao Miao listens to Shifu the most!”

Bi Qingshen Jun seemed relieved, he let out a sigh, and then issued a very serious but also important command, “I am very tired, so I’m going to sleep for a while, you can’t bother me, is that understood?”

“Okay!” I immediately agreed, “When someone comes to rescue us, I’ll call you.”

Bi Qingshen Jun nodded his head. He closed his eyes and fell asleep, his mouth still smiling. Breathing was still difficult, and with no one to talk to, I just quietly drew his name out on the ground.

After we return, Miao Miao wants to have Shifu’s children, and stay together forever. Teach them how to hunt mice and fight, he just can’t touch me with the turtle! Also…..I continued to mask the difficulty in breathing by procrastinating, but ultimately, I just wanted to speak with Bi Qingshen Jun. But remembering his command, I instantly closed my mouth.

Time passed very slowly, each passing second was like torment. After about 3 hours, I could barely breathe, the air in my lungs just kept leaving me, and with no incoming fresh air, it was the worse pain you’d ever feel. I just felt like dying.

There were countless fish floating in front of me, but my paws do not move to catch them. My breathing has stopped. Illusions have filled my brain.

What in the world is happening? Why can’t Miao Miao breathe? Why?

Who will come and help me? Who?


Finally, the sound of digging arrived. This usually evil sounding voice sounded very intimate at this moment, “I can smell Miss Miao Miao’s scent! Golden Pagoda Gege, hurry up and move the rocks over here!”

It was Xiao Tian, Xiao Tian has come to save Shifu and I. I owe yet another favor to him. I didn’t think too much, maybe dogs and cats can become friends after all?

The golden pagoda moved a block of rubble away, fresh air instantly coming back into my lungs. This brought with it life and vitality. I quickly called out from one of the cracks and saw that their wounds were currently being dressed by Mo’lin, they appear to be quite severely hurt. Finally when all the rubble around us has been moved, I climbed out of the pit, transformed back into my human form, and called out, “Shifu! Wake up, we’re okay! How come your back has so many arrows? Mo’lin hurry over and help Shifu!”

But Bi Qingshen Jun was fast asleep, he didn’t respond to me. His stance still the exact same, like a statue, never wavering.

Really! How can Shifu stay in bed longer than I do! I hurriedly jumped into the pit to shake him, continuously calling, “Wake up, after you’re healed, we can go home.”

Xiao Tian also jumped down to help me, he pulled Bi Qingshen Jun up, his face suddenly becoming agitated. He took several paces back, pointed to Bi Qingshen Jun, and stammered, “This…..this…..”

Mo’lin hearing this quickly came up to us and asked, “How is he?”

I sadly raised my head up to tell him, “Shifu doesn’t want to wake up.”

“Ah?” Mo’lin hurriedly jumped down the pit, he gave Bi Qingshen Jun a glance, and stood there speechless for a long time.

“Help him!” I gave Mo’lin a push, “Shifu is heavily injured, you need to treat him.”

“He no longer needs treatment.” Mo’lin’s voice was somehow very bitter.

“Why?” I suddenly felt slightly uneasy.

A tear drop fell from his eyes, after a long paused, he struggled to give an answer, “Shen Jun, he…..his pulse is dead…..he’s already gone…..”

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