Day: June 15, 2015

Meow Meow Meow Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – The Black Faced Fox

The rain gradually began to dispel, I also had let tens of yawns, the Yun Ou and Ningxin in front of my eyes were chittering and chattering away, and also cried a little bit while speaking, which made my head to ache.

“Make it less complicated!” I finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and roared, my sharp claws viciously grasping the ground to indicate that if they did not go straight to their point, then I would be angry.

The both of them shivered for a second, thought for a moment, and then Yun Ou hurriedly said, “I left Yan Shan Mountain and wandered around, I fell in love with Ningxin, and we became a married couple. But unexpectedly, the black-faced fox was passing by where we were, said that Ningxin’s appearance was similar to his late wife’s, so he kidnapped her. Us husband and wife would
not comply, so he used despicable and wicked means to force us, and in desperation, we had to flee.”

“This kind of little thing? How lame.” I let out another yawn, “So what if you marry her, you can go with him for all I care.”

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