Meow Meow Meow Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Encounter With An Evil Beast

I angrily ran down the stairs and picked up the pearls on ground and threw them at Ao Yun, I also ordered him to stop the laughing.

Ao Yun took several deep breaths before he stopped altogether, he then came over to apologize for rudeness, and said that he would give me a gift as an apology.

“Would you like a 10000 year old coral embedded crown or a dress woven by thousands of pink pearls?” He asked standing next to me.

“What are those?” I asked.

So Ao Yun brought me to Ce Palace, and ordered his crab soldiers to go to the treasury to remove these two treasures. It was really radiant, so bright that I could not fully open my eyes, the maidservants of Ce Palace were casting us with envious eyes.

And I did not even think about it before rejecting his gift, “Too heavy*!”

*[TN]: In chinese “too heavy” can either mean that it’s literally too heavy or that something is too valuable

“This isn’t precious, jewelry are a match for beauties,” Ao Yun touched my head and said, “If you put these on, you will definitely take away all the grace and elegance from the heaven’s Apricot Fairy and Chang’e.”

I shook my ears, and worked hard to explain to this dunce, “I am saying it is too heavy in weight, it will squish me!”

“Uhhh…..” Ao Yun was dumbfounded, he hesitated for a moment and asked, “Then I will gift you a seven coloured pearl hairpin?”

“I don’t want it.” I bluntly replied.

“Then what do you want?” Ao Yun curiously asks me.

I think back to when we came to the feast with Bi Qingshen Jun and the fun toy he had, I quickly shouted, “I want a Water Pearl!”

“That is worthless.” Ao Yun reluctantly says, “I have never gifted women I like with such stingy presents, choose another one.”

“I don’t care, I only want that!” I was afraid he wouldn’t give, so I quickly went to his body rubbed several times, “If I have that, then I can come down to the sea and catch fish to eat, the Water Pearl is the best!”

“Your calculation skills are quite fine.” Ao Yun helplessly nodded his head, and ordered the servants to bring out some Water Pearls and make a necklace out of it for me.

I cheerfully and immediately rushed out into the water to test the effects of this necklace, Ao Yun bitterly smiles and follows from behind.

The Water Pearls are really good things, after entering the water, all the water around me dissipated and formed a big air bubble, trapping me in the center, and this bubble followed wherever I went, so I was really happy and started to laugh.

Ao Yun seeing me happy also became very happy, he did not use any Water Pearls, he only floated in the middle of the sea, his posture was much more elegant than that of any fish. All the members of the water clan were very respectful towards him, they bowed and looked as if they were his subordinates. This discovery led me to feel somewhat embarrassed about playing and catching fish in front of him.

“Miao Miao,” He swam closer to me and touched my furry ears, and said, “Do you want to go to my private garden? It is the most beautiful place in the entire East Sea.”

At this point, I had already left Bi Qingshen Jun for a long time, so I hastily nodded and tried to keep up with his pace.

There was the sight of an edgeless coral, and numerous elegant seaweed dancing in the water. There were also small transparent jellyfish floating around, in the middle was a small white palace.

I was very excited, I ran and jumped around, Ao Yun came to me and said, “The seafloor is much more beautiful than on land, there is also an endless supply of fish, do you want to stay on the seafloor with me?”

“Don’t want to.” I refused without even thinking, “There is no sunshine and no soft grass on the seafloor.”

“I can accompany you everyday to the surface to watch the sun rise and the sun set, I can pave the softest blanket of grass in the palace for you.” Ao Yun continued to persuade.

My heart was moved, I looked up and asked, “Then can Shifu and Jin Wen and everyone come too?”

Ao Yun face became stiff, he shook his head and said, “Only you.”

“Then I don’t want to.” I shook my head, “Miao Miao likes Ao Yun, but I like Shifu even more.”

“Your Shifu is so old-fashioned, what is so good about him?”

“I like Shifu no matter what! You’re not allowed to say bad things about him!”

“Then let’s talk about this next time.” Ao Yun did not continue to adhere, he just accompanied and played with me at the garden.

The two of us were really happy, suddenly from the northeast, I heard a thunderous boom in distant, it shook and trembled the ground.

Ao Yun’s facial expression changed, he stood up instantly and looked over there, he did not speak for a long time.

I curiously asked, “It also thunders undersea?”

“No, it’s just that sound travels much faster and further in water,” Ao Yun wryly smiles, fixed his garment, and ordered the page boy from the small palace to bring a beast with long scales to him, he hastily mounted it and said to me, “It seems there has been a problem in the sea prison, I’ll be right back.”

“Miao Miao wants to go too!” Intuition told me that something fun has occurred, so I quickly shouted, not letting him go by himself.

Ao Yun refused, and in our dispute, a shadow shrouded in darkness suddenly flew past us, it raised its head, it was actually a nine headed beast, and it looked threateningly at us.

On each of its heads, there were sharp fangs, its body contained many thick scales, by the looks of it… was definitely not tasty…..

“Ao Yun you little brat! You will pay with your life!” The beast to one’s surprise actually spat out human language, which in turn gave me a fright, he then extended his tail and swung it towards Ao Yun.

“Hey Third Uncle~ you shouldn’t be escaping from prison.” Ao Yun’s expression remained unchanged, he pushed me to one side, and released a red beam to deflect the tail that was swinging at him.

The sea water began to roll, the corals began to break off due to the intense shock waves, as I stared blankly at the scene, I was suddenly tossed away by the nine headed beasts tail. I was tossed all the way to the coral, and when I went to sit down, I accidentally sat on a sea urchin, so I cried very loudly and pitifully.

Hateful! It’s all that strange serpent’s fault! I angrily rushed in to join the battle, wanting to claw out an eyeball from any one of its heads.

“Good.” The nine headed beast seeing me arrive, did not worry too much, he just casually rushed one of its heads toward me, he seemed to think he could threaten Ao Yun by attacking me.

I coldly snorted at him, I immediately brought my paws close and emerged my Sky Shattering Claws. They appeared seemingly weak and gentle at first, but as I fastened my speed, it also became incredibly sharp, I instantly chopped off one of its heads.

The nine headed beast screamed and retreated back, finally not daring to underestimate its opponents. White smoke started to emerge from his body, and a human figure popped out, it was a demonic person with nine eyes and eight arms. In each arm, it held a different weapon, and the head that was just severed lay on the ground.

“Be careful, he is very powerful.” Ao Yun worriedly told me.

I did not fear in the slightest, after all, I’ve already been in the demon world for several hundred years, with the exception of Bi Qingshen Jun, no monsters gave me an oppressed feeling, the one currently in front of me is no exception.

Ao Yun’s red beam became a long spear, trapping the beasts movement, and I released my Sky Shattering Claws from all directions, to cunningly attack him.

The nine headed beast unknowingly became furious, he swung his tail towards me and held onto Ao Yun’s long spear, his arms tightly imprisoning him. He spat out a red and round internal orb, the orb was glowing and reflected the seawater. It became hot, boiling, and gradually turned black… the looks of it, it definitely isn’t delicious…..

“Third Uncle, why are you going all out against this junior?” Ao Yun was shocked and desperately struggled.

The nine headed beast viciously said, “If only then you didn’t cross the line! And let Yao Yao fall in love with you, she wouldn’t have died! Then I wouldn’t have been imprisoned for 800 years in the undersea prison!”

“What does your daughter loving me have anything to do with me? I didn’t purposely seduce her, she brought herself to me, and you tried to force me to marry her?” Ao Yun suddenly started to laugh, “Just say whatever you like then!”

“Anyways! It’s your fault!” The nine headed beast aroused the internal orb, and the sea tremble once again, “You will die with me today!”

“Miao Miao!” Ao Yun hurriedly shouted to me, “Flee! This doesn’t have anything to do with you!”

I touched my head, and paused to think for a moment, I rushed forward, kicked away the arrogant nine headed beast, and then took the red internal orb and swallowed it in one gulp…..and then turned and ran…..

The two people beside me were dumbfounded…..

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